Prepare for Spring

Prepare for Spring

A series of courses @ Ellel Ministries to help move from winter to spring

Join us during the month of August and September as we have a series of courses to help prepare in specific areas for spring! Some of the courses focus on the individual 'winter homes' and others focus on 'corporate, church or community winter homes'. Whether it’s for the individual or to the community His voice still speaks, receive my love and "Arise, come away winter is past"!

Prepare for growth and new life

Winter for many is a state of merely existing. There is just too much cold, wind, rain and perhaps even snow. Exposure to life’s trials, like hurt, disappointment and loss may lead people to experience a spiritual winter. They cover themselves to make it safe and to cope with life by retreating. Passivity becomes a way of life. People coming to our centres often express their life in a similar way! For many this life’s season is one of survival. They have experienced life and done their best to find safety behind the emotional walls, looking through the windows and seeing the promises of God from afar. They perhaps observe God in meetings and church services through their own lattices but never know His love or move outside of their ‘spiritual life’s winter house’ into His freedom.

"Behold, there He stands behind our wall, gazing through the windows, looking through the lattice.” SoS 2:9


The Word offers an opportunity to discover His love and exchange the captivity and areas of winter for the life of spring. Discover the yearning of Jesus for these areas in our lives that are not working well. Meet the Beloved who desires to lead us from winter into spring.



"Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away"
SoS 2:10

To "arise" may be the most difficult thing to do when we have settled for our “winter home”. It asks of us to respond to His love. Perhaps we need to start preparing our hearts to hear His truth in the places of captivity so that we can meet His grace and restoration. Hearing His voice of love that speaks louder than our need to self-protect and cope. “Come away with Me” is the invitation of exchange, to receive His love, new freedom and deeper intimacy with Him.

Prepare for Spring Courses

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