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Ellel Kenya
Ellel Kenya
Stream Drive (SD43), Thome Estate, Thika Road, Nairobi


Ellel Ministries in Kenya was officially launched on 4th Feb, 2018. This was after ten years of conferences and seminars by mission teams from both UK and South Africa Ellel centres. The ministry under the leadership of Galvan and Esther Kinyua started operating in 2016 but received the certificate of registration end of 2017.

We currently carry out training and conferences in Nairobi at Stream Drive (SD43), Thome Estate, Thika Road, Nairobi and for residential programs at Shunem retreat centre (Embu).

We too have regional trainings in Nyeri, Meru and Nakuru with a goal of reaching more people across the country. 

Ellel Ministries Kenya seeks to bring the truth of Kingdom living and address the issues that hinder us from being aligned to God’s plumb- line of truth. We believe Healing and Restoration happens when people start allowing the truth to speak into their issues and willingness to align themselves to God’s order. We follow this with prayer ministry into the issues hindering effective Kingdom living and this brings real healing and restoration.

Ellel ministries Kenya is a resource to the local Churches and therefore works to compliment the ministry of the Local Church.

We offer courses on Healing relating to spiritual, emotional and physical issues. However we believe that healing is a discipleship issue so we also offer supportive courses on discipleship and restoration that will enable the people to move on with their healing journey.

Resources: Books and CDS on the same truths taught in our programs.

Ellel ministries is currently looking to God for provision of a Centre, hence we are yet to give a central location.


We are at the beginning of many of our programs. Beginnings are exciting as we  all look forward to fruitful end. However, we pray that all those who are joining the journey of healing and restoration will keep focus on the main objective: Restoration back to God and to Enjoy the abundant life He promises.

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  "Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness."
Psalms 115:1