Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Guhuza Umutima w'Imana n'Umutima wa muntu! 

Dukorere Kicukiro Niboye @ KK 21 Ave. #25. Intumbero yacu ni ukuba igikoresho cy’Imana mu kuzana gukira no gusanwa kw’abantu muri iki gihugu cy’u Rwanda ndetse no mu karere muri rusange. Tuzabigeraho binyuze mu nyigisho zitandukanye no gusengera abantu . Dushyigikira Itorero dutoza umubiri wa Kristo mu bijyanye no Gukira, Gutoza abigishwa n’Ivugabutumwa.

Dutanga inyigisho zijyanye no gukira k’umutima, amarangamutima n’umubiri ndetse no kuba umwugishwa wa Yesu uhamye, tukanagira ishuri ry’iminsi 5 kugera kuri 12 riba rimwe mu Mwaka. Buri kwezi tugira iteraniro ryo gukira (Healing Service) aho imiryango ifunguye kuri buri wese.♦

We are located at Kicukiro Niboye @ KK 21 Ave. #25. Our vision is to be an instrument in God’s hand to bring healing and restoration to the nation of Rwanda and other surrounding nations. We aim to achieve this through training and ministry events and personal ministry to individuals.  As a resource to the Church, we offer equipping for the Body of Christ in the areas of Healing, Discipleship and Evangelism.

We offer courses related to emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and discipleship, as well as once-a-year longer schools ranging from 5-12 days. Once a month we hold healing services which are free and open to the public. 


Today's Devotional

The End of Entitlement

Paul knew that he was a sinner, saved by grace and loved by the Lord. In fact, so is everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus. We don’t get what we deserve because what we deserve is everlasting punishment for our sins. God, in His great love, has rescued us from what was rightfully due to us. When God awakens us spiritually, we receive a deeper appreciation for His truth, for the way He sees things, for the way things truly are. His Spirit helps us grasp eternal realities. One foundational truth...Read more...