Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #96Two Day Event

"Given Away" Conference with Denise Cross

[Next scheduled 5 Oct 2019]

This conference is presented by Denise Cross from the United Kingdom. the teaching helps one to understand the way in which a child that has been given up for adoption, or handed over to someone other that the birth mother to raise, can be deeply affected. This course assists those who have been affected by their own circumstances, as well as assisting those who want to be better informed.

Image #36One Day Event

FREE DAY - Living in Victory

[Dates to be confirmed]

An opportunity for those who have not attended an Ellel event before, to hear foundational and relevant teaching, free of charge. 

Image #81One Day Event

God's Amazing Grace

[Next scheduled 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2019]

This relevant and exciting course is for all who want to be free from guilt and discover that life is for living. we do not have to live with a constant and crushing sense of guilt.

Image #126Weekend Event

God's Mandate for the Church Regarding the Jewish People

[Dates to be confirmed]

Please make a special effort to attend the following two days of teaching to give you a deeper understanding of the Jewish faith. Our Guest Speaker, Manfred Nochomowitz who is a Jew who received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour many years ago and has an incredible understanding of the Covenant and of the Godly Jewish roots that we have in Christ.

Image #596Weekend Event

God's Master Key - Exploring Forgiveness

[Next scheduled 31 Aug - 1 Sep 2019]

The Kingdom principle of forgiveness is one which has a profound impact on our lives. As we both receive God’s forgiveness for our own sinful actions and also extend forgiveness to those who have hurt us, we begin to experience God’s transformation and healing. This course will explore the truth, challenges and steps to freedom through forgiveness.

Image #456One Day Event

Healing God's way

[Next scheduled 7 Sep 2019]

A free one-day taster event focusing on bringing understanding of the healing ministry of Jesus for today's Church. With relevant and dynamic teaching, it offers understanding and encouragement for those seeking wholeness and healing in the Lord.

Image #43Long Weekend Event

Healing Through Creativity

[Dates to be confirmed]

This wonderful course provides a safe family environment of loving fellowship. It offers you the opportunity to discover both the joy of being creative and the reality of your identity in Jesus.

Image #110One Day Event

Intimacy with Jesus

[Dates to be confirmed]

An unique opportunity to spend personal time waiting on God, learning to hear His voice and entering into His peace and rest.

Image #572Weekend Event

Knowing God

[Next scheduled 5 - 6 Oct 2019]

This course is all about helping us come to know more of God and connect to Him in a deeper way. It will look at His character and nature and explore how we can have an intimate relationship with Him and seek to deal with the blockages that get in the way of knowing Him the way He really is.

Image #85Longer Event

Love's Healing Power

[Dates to be confirmed]

Love's Healing Power is presented as a package which includes a Healing Retreat (limited space available) & a Ladies' Day.

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