Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
We prayed for healing and for the constant pain to leave. It did. It has been almost seven months since the retreat and the pain has not returned..... Read More...

To Make a Donation to the Ministry

Your giving to help sustain the ministry will be of immense value. You can give once-off or on a regular basis through:

Gutera inkunga Umurimo

Gutanga kwawe ngo ushyigikire uyu murimo ni iby'agaciro cyane. Ushobora gutanga rimwe gusa cyangwa ku buryo buhoraho ukoresha bumwe muri ubu buryo buri hepfo: 

  1. Bank Transfer/deposit - Ellel Ministries Accounts in KCB Bank Rwanda Ltd.: 4401587650 (Rwf) ; 4401587669 (USD);  - Swiftcode: KCBLRWRW161.
  2. MTN MoMo Pay: *182*8*1*031730# 

Today's Devotional

Anticipation and Preparation

Recently I had travelled with my flute, and when I got to where I was going, I put it together as I always do. I picked it up to play it as usual, and it would not play. Air went through and with difficulty I could make a sound, but not the note I was trying to play. I was horrified. I looked at it and everything looked fine. I questioned myself whether I was suddenly doing something wrong. Then I decided there must be something terribly wrong with my flute, and I would need to take it to a repair...Read more...