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Explore Online Programme 

The Explore Programme is a discipleship and healing programme developed and presented by Ellel Ministries that has touched and changed many lives.  

Why Explore Online?

In these unprecedented times where we find ourselves facing the pandemic of COVID19, there is a deep cry in each of our hearts to truly connect with God. As a ministry, we recognize that face to face interaction is ideal but we trust God to use technology in a way that brings the Word and Spirit together in the application of the teaching. 

This programme is now presented online in the comfort and safety of your home to discover His amazing love personally and to allow Him to transform our lives so that we can follow Him without restraint. If this echoes the cry of your own heart or you desire to help others to discover this for themselves, then EXPLORE ONLINE is for you!

What is EXPLORE Online?

The Explore Online is a year programme consisting of a series of courses designed to train and equip God’s people through a journey of transformation and consists of a part A and B. Delegates start with Explore Online Part A proceed to Explore Part B.

Together we will find that there is hope and help for the issues which we struggle with: Everyday issues like anxiety, stress, physical pain, emotional distress, problems in relationships, addictive behaviour and depression to name just a few. We will also discover what it really means to live with God in a closer relationship.

Those who journey through Explore online will also be equipped with keys in healing and discipleship to help meet the needs of others.

What is different between normal Explore and Explore online?

Explore online is presented through the use of technology, the Zoom platform, where Explorers can join remotely.  Like the residential EXPLORE Programme each of the events in the series will include time for worship, biblical teaching, personal reflection, creative activities, group time and some corporate ministry.

How will it help me?

The modules have been selected to provide teaching and understanding in manageable units, as well as inspiring and encouraging personal growth, healing and restoration. This is vital for equipping God’s people to minister His healing power and love out of a real understanding and personal experience.

Many who have completed the programme have discovered that their walk with the Lord has been enriched and their relationship with Jesus has deepened. Additionally, others have found that their individual callings have been confirmed. A workshop at the end of part A and B of the Explore online Programme will give delegates further opportunity to learn and apply principles of the healing ministry.  

Who is EXPLORE online for?

EXPLORE online is for anyone who is a…

  • is a Christian above the age of 18 years
  • current Explorer who cannot continue due to lockdown
  • out of town and not able to travel to our Ellel centre
  • not well enough to visit Ellel centre

What do I need to do EXPLORE online?

Anyone can Explore online all they need is…...

  • Please familiarise yourself with the minimum system requirements of the Zoom platform.
  • Laptop/Tablet/ Computer (with a camera). A mobile phone limits the visual capacity of the programme and therefore not recommended.
  • Stable network with min 3G, LTE, ADSL or fibre connectivity capability (See Zoom requirements)
  • Headphones
  • A private, quiet and comfortable space where you can meet with God undisturbed.
  • Availability and commitment to the set programme times

Please Note: You are solely responsible for providing, at your own expense, all equipment necessary to access the online event, including a computer/laptop/tablet and your own internet access (including payment of telephone service fees associated with such access, as applicable).