Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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I was there for a faceoff with say to Him that I have tried but You were silent. Now I will die and it will be Your fault God. You ignored my cries....but God showed up and saved my life..... Read More...
Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)
Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)
Plot 32.1, James Road, Shere Agricultural Holdings, Pretoria, 0081, South Africa

Tel:+27 12 809 0031

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Image #572Weekend Event

4 Apr

Knowing God

4 - 5 April 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course is all about helping us come to know more of God and connect to Him in a deeper way. It will look at His character and nature and explore how we can have an intimate relationship with Him and seek to deal with the blockages that get in the way of knowing Him the way He really is.

Image #646Weekend Event

18 Apr

Godly Sexuality

18 - 19 April 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course will explore the foundation for human sexuality as God intended it to be. It will look at the importance and significance of the biblical covenant of marriage, the power of boundaries and will explain how sexual expression outside of this is sinful and has consequences not just on our lives, but all those connected to us.

Image #174Long weekend

25 Apr

Investigating God's Truth about Eating, Emotions & Addiction

25 - 27 April 2020 (Sat - Mon) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This is a dynamic course sharing radical answers for the spiritual roots of comfort eating, emotional overload, and coping behavior. If you are tired of the dieting cycle, come and explore how God’s truth can set you free, by tackling the root causes and not just the symptoms.

Image #596Weekend Event

9 May

God's Master Key - Exploring Forgiveness

9 - 10 May 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

The Kingdom principle of forgiveness is one which has a profound impact on our lives. As we both receive God’s forgiveness for our own sinful actions and also extend forgiveness to those who have hurt us, we begin to experience God’s transformation and healing. This course will explore the truth, challenges and steps to freedom through forgiveness.

Image #25513 Day Event

12 May

12 DAY Programme on Healing and Deliverance

12 - 23 May 2020 (Tue - Sat) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

A concentrated programme of teaching, followed by some practical ministry experience. It is designed to help equip those who have a heart to bring healing to others and also wish to move into greater personal wholeness.

Image #143One Day Event

16 May

Investigating Overcoming Loss, Grief and Depression

16 May 2020 (Sat) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

We go through many other kinds of losses leaving us in place grief. Every loss needs to be grieved. Many times we are not even aware of how life events can also cause inner losses. In this course we want to investigate different kinds of losses, the journey through loss and how God intended us to handle grief. 

Image #645Weekend Event

30 May

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

30 - 31 May 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course will consider some of our difficult emotions, e.g. anger and grief, and how God has purposed for us to find release and His comfort, so we can move safely through the turmoil and find a new place of rest.

Image #602Weekend Event

6 Jun

Lost and Found - Exploring the Remedy for Rejection

6 - 7 June 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

Even though the Bible tells us that God loves all He has created, and that when we accept Jesus as our Saviour we are fully part of God’s family again, we can still find it so hard to believe. This course will explore how rejection came into the world, how it can impact our lives and how to move on from rejection to acceptance.

Image #128Two day

13 Jun

Investigating Freedom from Ungodly Control

13 - 14 June 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

Do you feel that you are always being controlled? Or has anyone ever suggested that you are a control freak? The damage caused by ungodly control ruins many lives, but this course will teach you how to take steps into freedom.

Image #686Weekend Event

27 Jun

God's Plumbline

27 - 28 June 2020 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course will give you tools to help you build your life on God's Word, grow in discernment to avoid and, where necessary, be set free from deception. It will tackle common deceptions within the church using 1 Timothy 4:16 as a key scripture… ‘Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.’.

Ellel Shere House (Pretoria) - All Events

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