Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Intimacy Trilogy

This course has been put together as a unit of 3 days, but delegates may choose to attend some days individually.  

Intimacy with God Through Prayer

Do you feel that your prayers sometimes stop at the ceiling? Is your prayer life dry and your relationship with God more distant than you would like? This course explores prayer and how it deepens relationship with the Lord to bring healing from past hurts and restoration for the future. There is opportunity to look at those things that effect relationship with God, restrict prayer life and rob us of both intimacy and effectiveness. With the help of the Lord, this course will revive and transform your prayer life!


Intimacy with God Through Worship

Worship is fundamental to our relationship with God, do you deel able to worship? For many people there is a frustration and sometimes disappointment in the area of worship. Whatever the blockages are, they get in the way of the intimacy that our human spirit is intended to have with our creator. This course with reveal the reasons for this difficulty and we will find gods answers. The focus will not primarily be music or singing songs, (although musical instruments will be used) but on God and those who came to worship Him. There will be teaching and demonstration of how to move forward in intimacy through the expression of worship.


Intimacy with God Through Creativity

(Previously the Healing Through Creativity MOD B3 module)
Do you find hard to be expressive in your personal walk with God? Do you long to show Him how you feel? Are you tired of using the same old phrases, words and actions to relate to your Maker? That the time to look at fresh ways of growing in intimacy with God through creativity. It will include both teaching on how to develop your relationship with the Creator and how to flesh it out in a practical manner.


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