Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

Fear is one of the most common and crippling experiences of life. It damages and constrains our lives, work, relationships and our ministry and service for the Lord. It affects every part of our being.

This ministry course seeks to provide understanding of the often deep seated causes of fear and how God's healing love can bring freedom, release and restoration. The title of the course - Steps to Freedom from Fear - recognises that full healing is a process and there may be several stages to receiving release and freedom. As one person who attended the course testified -

"God has touched my hurts and fearfulness and released some of my fears. I am trusting God now to take me through the next part of my healing."

The course is designed both for those who struggle with fear and also for those who seek to minister healing through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Initial teaching contrasts the biblical meaning of fear, anxiety and worry with peace. This provides an essential foundation for the following:

Types of fear
The clear distincition is drawn between Godly and ungodly fear. Fear can indeed be a natural reaction, designed by God for our protection. Jesus' teaching on fear is explained.

How fear affects the whole person
Our response to perceived danger, degrees of fear (inculding acute and chronic fear), effects of shock and trauma, and the effect of fear on the spirit are explained and illustrated.

Specific areas of fear
Biblical and practical teaching on fear and rejection, fear of failure and the fear of death, dying and illness. Covers their nature, root causes and the keys to healing and restoration. The principles involved are readily applied to dealing with other fears people can have.

Moving on from fear
Explains how to rebuild, in a Godly way, those areas of everyday life previously constrained by fear. This very practical teaching includes expressing emotion in a Godly way, anticipating potentially fear producing situations, rebuilding relationships, restoring and renewing the mind, adjusting to a new lifestyle and developing biblically based antidotes to fear.

Teaching on this ministry course is interspersed with opportunities to receive prayer.

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