Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
We prayed for healing and for the constant pain to leave. It did. It has been almost seven months since the retreat and the pain has not returned..... Read More...




Each topic will be covered one weekend per month starting in July.

EXPLORE A1 – The Big Picture   

We are born with questions about life etched in our hearts and this course seeks to answer these questions from a biblical perspective. We will look at how mankind got into such a mess and God’s amazing rescue plan – how God not only wants to save us but also wants to heal us and set us on the right course for our lives.

EXPLORE A2 – Knowing God     

This course is all about helping us come to know more of God and connect to Him in a deeper way. It will look at His character and nature and explore how we can have an intimate relationship with Him and seek to deal with the blockages that get in the way of knowing Him the way He really is.

EXPLORE A3 – God’s Master Key   

The Kingdom principle of forgiveness is one that has a profound impact on our lives. As we both receive God’s forgiveness for our own sinful actions and also extend forgiveness to those who have hurt us, we begin to experience God’s transformation and healing. This course will explore the truth, challenges and steps to freedom through forgiveness.

EXPLORE A4 – Lost and Found   

Even though the Bible tells us that God loves all He has created and that when we accept Jesus as our Saviour we are fully part of God’s family again, we can still find it so hard to believe. This course will explore how rejection came into the world, how it can impact our lives, and how to move on from rejection to acceptance.

EXPLORE A5 – God’s Enemy Exposed   

In this course, we will explore what the Bible says about Satan and the demonic, spiritual warfare and how the enemy can gain a stronghold in a person’s life. Jesus came to set the captives free and this course teaches how to step into spiritual freedom through deliverance in Jesus’ name.

EXPLORE A6 – Inside Out        

In this course, we will investigate how God made each person and how the various parts of our being, work together to develop the whole person-hood. This course will explain how to untangle some of the causes and effects of inner damage and how to apply God’s truth and restorative power into the lives of those who need inner healing.

EXPLORE A7 – Connected     

When God made us in His image, He made us relational human beings, created to live in dynamic relationships with both Himself as well as one another. This course will help you in finding God’s way forward for your relationships and in receiving healing from wounds inflicted through relationships in the past that were not as God intended.

EXPLORE A8 – Sheltered    

For many of us fear and anxiety are regular companions along our life journey. This course will share how the Lord longs to show us the freedom that is in Him when we can learn to fully trust Him and bring the worries of our heart to Him. There will be teaching on steps to finding freedom in Jesus’ name and opportunity for prayer ministry.

EXPLORE A9 – Knowing Me    

This course takes a deeper look into the functions of the human spirit. Exploring the Scriptures we will discover how the human spirit can be affected by the issues of our past, and affect our life today. We will also how to open ourselves up to the healing touch of Jesus - an essential element of God’s restorative plan for each of us.

EXPLORE A10 - Healing Workshop  




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Consists of 10 weekend courses as follows:

  • The Family Business
    Exploring what it means to Live in the Kingdom of God
  • Rewired
    Exploring Beliefs and Behaviours
  • Deliver us from Evil
    Exploring the Snares of the Enemy
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Exploring how to Deal with Difficult Emotions
  • Godly Sexuality
    Exploring God’s Design for Sexuality and its Expression
  • Picking up the Pieces
    Exploring Healing for Past Accidents and Traumas
  • In His Image
    Exploring Healing through Creative Expression
  • Unique
    Exploring our God-Given Identity
  • God's Plumbline
    Exploring how to Recognise and Avoid Deception
  • Healing Workshop
    Exploring Ministry Practice. A practical workshop where those who attend have an opportunity to both give and receive ministry from fellow guests on EXPLORE alongside our Ministry Team. Please note that to attend the Healing Workshop you must have completed 6 or more of the Explore B courses.