Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Seeds of the Kingdom

Bringing heaven to earth

by Liz Griffin

Then dedicate the tent and all its equipment by anointing it with sacred oil, and it will be holy.
Exodus 40:9, GNB

The Tent or Tabernacle was a place where God wanted to meet with Moses and manifest His presence to the people of Israel. This was not an idea coming from Moses but from God Himself.

It required something of Moses. He had to meet certain conditions given to Him by God. After Moses had carefully set up the Tent he dedicated it and all its equipment by anointing it with sacred oil. ‘Then the cloud covered the Tent and the dazzling light of the LORD’S presence filled it’ (Exodus 40:34).

All ‘the house of Israel’ were privileged to see a miraculous sign from God. He showed His presence to them all in the form of cloud by day and fire by night hovering over the Tent. Some people today would very much like to see a miraculous sign from God which would reassure them of His manifest presence. But I wonder if they are willing to meet God’s conditions?

George Otis tells of places in Brazil which are consecrated for prayer. Christians stand together and call out to God all night in prayer and as God draws near to them, even the foliage begins to glow, pulsating with His glory. George was taken to a place in the forest where he experienced for himself the thick presence of the LORD, as everyone fell to the ground in spontaneous worship. Time meant nothing to them. The whole place was lit up with the glory of God.

Such remarkable closeness to God in communities can seem strange to us when we compare it with our own culture. Yet maybe they would think our communities are abnormal and fail to understand why we don’t want to spend as much time in fervent, passionate prayer as they do. Experiencing heaven on earth is part of their normal life. Do you desire it to be part of yours?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we praise Your holy Name. May Your heavenly Kingdom come here where we live. May Your will be done in our lives. It’s not about us but about You. Show us Your conditions and requirements. Show us how to dedicate ‘our Tent and its equipment’ to You and know Your presence day by day. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Liz Griffin lived for 20 years as an expatriate in South Africa, Bahrain and Japan, as her husband Paul worked for an international oil company. Paul and Liz became involved with Ellel Ministries in 1991 as part of the ministry team and joined the full-time team at Ellel Grange in 1995. Paul and Liz teach and minister to those seeking healing in their lives and together have written two books, 'Anger - How Do You Handle It' and 'Hope and Healing For The Abused'.


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