Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
Explore Weekend

22 - 25 October 2024
(Tue - Fri)


Ellel Ministries Rwanda

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Explore A7-A9

This course covers the following topics: 

Explore A7: Restoring the Human Spirit

This course takes a deeper look into the functions, damage, healing and restoration of the human spirit.                                                                          

Explore A8: Navigating Difficult Relationships

Explore how vital healthy relationships with God and with others are, and move on from the damage relationships have caused you in the past.                              

Explore A9: Overcoming Fear and Anxiety 

Break free from fear and anxiety, not by human effort but through surrendering to the love and security that can only be found in Jesus.


Sesengura A7 - A9

Iyi nyigisho izaba irimo izikurikira: 

Sesengura A7: Gusana Umwuka Muntu

Iyi nyigisho ireba byimbitse ku mikorere, kwangirika, gukira no gusanwa by'umwuka muntu.                                                                             

Sesengura A8: Uko Wagenza Imibanire Igoye    

Gusesengura uko imibanire yacu n'Imana ndetse n'abandi ari iy'ingenzi cyane n'uko twarenga kwangirika imibanire yazanye mu buzima bwacu.                             

Sesengura A9: Gutsinda Ubwoba na Guhangayika 

Bohoka ku bwoba no guhangayika, bitanyuze mu mbaraga za muntu ahubwo binyuze mu kugandukira urukundo n'umutekano bibonerwa muri Yesu gusa.

Event Details

  • Courses Fee /Amafaranga y'Inyigisho: 
    • All the 3 courses / Inyigisho 3: 45,000 Rwf  for registered Guest in Explore Programme and /k'uwiyandikisheje muri Sesengura na 60,000 Rwf for non-registered guest /k'utariyandikishije. 
    • One course / Inyigisho 1: 15,000 Rwf  for registered Guest in Explore Programme and /k'uwiyandikisheje muri Sesengura na 20,000 Rwf for non-registered guest /k'utariyandikishije. 
  • Payment /KwishyuraMTN MoMo Pay: *182*8*1*982011#  

Register Here / Kanda Hano wiyandikishe. 


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