Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Seeds of the Kingdom

The King is right here!

by Ruth Maechler

The LORD watches over you- the LORD is your shade at your right hand.
Psalm 121:5, NIV

This summer I have had the privilege of spending nine weeks at Ellel Grange
- the headquarters of Ellel ministries. The house has lovely grounds and surroundings wich we explore on our days off. On our regular walks along the edge of the nearby canal I admired a pair of beautiful white swans. They had their nest in the water and later paddled along with their cute fluffy offspring.

Not being used to life in a monarchy, I was pleasantly surprised when my new English friends explained that swans have a somewhat special position in the UK, because they all are said to "belong to the Crown". Some weeks later, on a trip to the Lake District, I had another opportunity to see swans as they swam and gathered on the shores of Lake Windermere. I was exasperated to see a ruthless and disrespectful tourist grab one of the swans round its long neck and pull it at his side to have a picture taken. "Don´t do that!" I told him, and to give my words more authority, I added: "The swans belong to the Crown!" But the man just glanced at me, disregarded my remarks and kept pulling at the poor creature's neck. Well, the Queen was far away. He needn´t fear that she would intervene to defend her property, regardless of her rights of ownership.

However, this little incident made me think about our position in this world. As children of the Most High,we belong to the crown - the crown of the King of Kings. But in contrast to the Queen of England, our King is always near to us, every day, at every moment. In fact, today´s scripture says He is our shade at our right hand. Whenever the evil one tries to grab our throats He is right there to defend us and when we call upon His name for help He always hears us. And our offender knows that very well. Indeed, he is so alarmed by the fact that he flees just when we speak out the name of our Royal Protector. Our King is always at our side; day and night, he watches over us. What a privilege that is and what a comfort for my vulnerable and sometimes anxious heart!

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, I thank You that You opened Your heavenly kingdom for us and gave us citizenship as children of the King of Kings. Please let me always be aware of the wonderful fact that You are constantly at my side to guide and protect me and that the enemy will have to flee when I call upon Your mighty name. Amen.

Ruth Maechler has just finished the 9 Week Flagship Programme at Ellel Grange. She has now returned to Munich, Germany, where she lives with ther family.


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