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Seeds of the Kingdom

Only Grace?

by Jim Person

25 November 2013

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But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did.
James 2:18 &22, NIV

When travelling, I hear the message of grace predominantly preached in the churches I visit. While God’s grace is an essential message for us to hear, it only is half of the message God has for His people. I recently read an excerpt from David Pratt’s book ‘Radical’ that states, ‘We live in a church culture that has a dangerous tendency to disconnect the grace of God from the glory of God. Our hearts resonate with the idea of enjoying God’s grace. We bask in sermons, conferences, and books that exalt a grace centering on us. And while the wonder of grace is worthy of our attention, if that grace is disconnected from its purpose, the sad result is a self-centred Christianity that bypasses the heart of God’.

My dear brothers and sisters of the faith, the revelation of this message needs to permeate our souls, for grace is only a part of the gospel! The reason for His grace is that God loves me so that I may serve Him. James wrote this message clearly (James 2:18 & 22). If we only teach or preach God’s love we neglect the very reason for His loving grace to be bestowed upon us! As Jesus said, ‘I only DO what the father tells me to do!’ In this statement Jesus shows us, His followers, the importance of doing the will of the Father.

This is a message that must be heard for true transformation to occur, as Jesus died for us to be redeemed back to the Father so we can make Him Lord of our lives. It’s in the act of doing His will that faith has its full expression through our hands. That’s when grace has achieved its full purpose in our lives!

Without the grace of God, we have no redemption. But without doing His will, we have no expression of that grace, and only walk a self-centered life that focuses on the heart of man, not the heart of God. Oh, that we would cry out again to make God the centre of our redeemed lives!

If grace and love is what you speak of in your homes, your work, your families, and your churches, then I would charge you, dear brothers and sisters of our Lord and Saviour, to bring God glory by obediently living to please Him with every fibre of your being! Stand with me today to declare that you will allow God’s wonderful grace to transform you, by laying hold of His perfect will for your redeemed lives?

Prayer: Dear wonderful Saviour, my Lord and my God, help me to not tarnish Your loving grace by not glorifying You, because of living my life for myself, and my pleasures. I now repent and turn to face You in all Your glory to allow You to lead me in whatever way You want for me! Help me to find that purposeful life that You redeemed by Your grace! As I allow You to lead me, I will follow, giving everything I have into Your hands! Thank You, Jesus, for saving my soul. Help me to express that thankfulness in doing Your will. Amen!

Jim Person Jim grew up in Alaska and from a small child commercial fished every summer with his family. God called him, his wife Tanya, and their four children to move to Hungary as missionaries in 2003. God then led him to join Ellel Ministries in 2005. Jim is part of the regional leadership team for Ellel Central & Eastern Europe.


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