Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Seeds of the Kingdom


by Pam Smith

Then he said to all, 'Anyone who wants to follow me must put aside his own desires and conveniences and carry his cross with him every day and keep close to me. Whosoever loses his life for my sake will save it, but whoever insists on keeping his life will lose it.'
Luke 9:23-24, LB

If I want breakthrough with God at all costs, it’s possible. Firstly I must be able to hear what He’s saying. Then I must believe Him and do what He says (if He’s asking me to do something).

It may be something small. It may seem insignificant to me. But obedience is the key. If I’m obedient and I’m letting God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven this is highly significant in His eyes. When my will bends to His will I am surrendered to Him, and this allows His blessings into my life, with nothing blocking them.

So many times I hear His voice whispering to me to do this, or go that way. And I think it’s such a small thing. Surely I can get by without doing it. Then I discover that He was right in the first place. I needed to do that 'small thing' in order for Him to break through in my life.

Many of the miracles of Jesus happened as people followed His simple instructions; for example filling the water pots at the wedding at Cana (John 2:7), or making the crowd sit down, at the feeding of the five thousand (Luke 9:14). He told the lepers to show themselves to the priest (Matthew 8:4). And in the Old Testament God told the widow to fill the jars with oil (2 Kings 4:4), and Naaman to wash in the river Jordan. (2 Kings 5:10).

I believe that God tells each one of us to do simple things. As we bend our wills to His and obey Him we’ll find that breakthrough we’re looking for. If we try and hold on to our life we’ll lose it. Let’s come with ears wide open and find the one thing that He’s saying to us today, and do it. We’ll have breakthrough in our lives and we’ll find peace and joy as the Holy Spirit falls afresh on us.

Prayer: Lord, I’m truly sorry for the times when I haven’t been obedient to You. Help me to do the things You ask me to, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Pam Smith has a background in art and nursing, has a son and two daughters and six grandchildren. She has been a friend and helper of Ellel Ministries since l992, and has been involved with Healing Through Creativity Courses. As writer of the Shepherd Love Series, she has a passion for the comfort and encouragement that leads people towards enjoying abundant Life in Jesus.


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