Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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The Seeds of the Kingdom have been a blessing! I make sure I read them first thing in the morning as they help me through the day and keep me closer to my Lord. .... Read More...
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22 February 2019

Absolute Surrender

by Kate Davies

I was given a book for Christmas called ‘Absolute Surrender’. I haven’t started it yet, but the word ‘Surrender’ in the title struck me. The world does not prize surrender. It’s viewed as a sign of weakness. But the Bible doesn’t talk about surrendering to God in this negative way. In fact,...

21 February 2019

‘We Are’

by Jim Person

From my early days of living in Him, with Him, and until today, as a missionary to Eastern Europe, I’ve seen His capable hands at work. I’m in awe of Him, my Father, the One who loved me when no one else would. He rescued me. He loved me. ‘We are’ ... because of His love ... ‘we are’. Such...

20 February 2019

Where is He?

by Ron Scurfield

Where is God in a crisis? When everything seems to be falling apart and we’re anxiously trying to put it all back together again, He often seems so very far away. Perhaps we’ve just received bad news. Something happened without warning. It’s too late to do anything about it. “Help, Lord where...

19 February 2019

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

by Philip Asselin

Peter Roget was an accomplished doctor, lecturer, and inventor, but, despite his success, he underwent a great deal of depression. He retired from professional life by the age of sixty-one. Instead of giving up on life to cope with his depression, he started pursuing one of the things he really enjoyed...

18 February 2019

He Sees You

by Annalene Holtzhausen

This chapter in the Bible gives us an account of John testifying about Jesus being the true Light that has come into the world (John 1:9). John boldly shares that he came to make the way straight for the Lord (verse 23) and, through John’s testimony, some of his disciples chose to follow Jesus. Jesus...

17 February 2019

God’s Recipe for Good Health

by Peter Horrobin

There are many sayings in the book of Proverbs which link the fear of the Lord with godly living. One leads to the other. But this proverb takes the principle a very significant step further. It’s saying that there can be a definite link between our behaviour and our health. There are three steps to...

16 February 2019

Fear of Tomorrow

by Bernard Kariuki

On the fifteenth day of the second month after the Israelites left the land of Egypt, the whole congregation of the Israelites grew discontented and murmured and rebelled against Moses and Aaron in the wilderness. They desired to be back in Egypt, because of the bread and meat they had there. Without...

15 February 2019


by Jilly Lyon Taylor

We might think of the word ‘devoted’ in relation to a couple being devoted to one another, parents being devoted to their children, or someone devoted to a sport, hobby or career. Where does our devotion lie? Today’s verse shows that God’s priority for us is that we might devote ourselves to...

14 February 2019

Seeing What Isn’t There

by Grace Bull

Today’s verse is a lovely encouragement, but I wonder how many of us read something that isn’t actually there? Perhaps we read it like this: “The eyes of the Lord range to and fro throughout the earth to strengthen only those perfect people whose hearts are fully committed to Him and, of course,...

13 February 2019

The Choice of Kingdoms

by David Cross

Jesus taught his disciples the prayer which finishes with ‘And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen’. He was sharing the most powerful words of proclamation and petition ever uttered in all of the history of mankind....

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3,815 results