Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #668One Day Event

18 Aug

Making a Difference in the Marketplace

18 August 2018 (Sat) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course on evangelism is not about knocking on doors, nor is it about stopping people in the street to share to gospel. This course will equip you to lead an intentional lifestyle that will make a difference in your family, where you work, socialize or study. You will learn how to identify opportunities and know how share your testimony and lead someone to Christ.

Image #184One Day Event

25 Aug

Hearing the Voice of God

25 August 2018 (Sat) at Ellel Ministries Kenya,

Do you have problems with you 'spiritual sat-nav'? Do you struggle to find godly guidance?Do you find it hard to hear what God is saying to you? We will look at ways God has spoken to people in the Bible, examine how we can improve our listening skills and help us understand what the Lord is saying to us.

Image #669Weekend Event

25 Aug

Healing for Abused People

25 - 26 August 2018 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

Now OPEN to the general public. Training and equipping for those ministering to people who have been abused.

Image #12Weekend Event

1 Sep

The Truth about Relationships

1 - 2 September 2018 (Sat - Sun) at Ohana House (Kigali) RWANDA

This course marks the start of Part B of the Modular School. God has created us to relate with others, but our relationships are often flawed and can become a source of pain and misery. This course will help you understand what goes wrong and gives practical help to improve relationships and even restore those that seem beyond repair.

Image #670Weekend Event

7 Sep

Healing the Hurts of Our Ethnic Diversity

7 - 9 September 2018 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course will bring understanding of some of the cultural roots which shape behaviours like prejudice, racism, judgement and ethnic conflict.

Image #27Midweek Event

10 Sep

Time Out for Pastors, Senior Leaders & Full-Time Workers

10 - 13 September 2018 (Mon - Thu) at Vuleka Trust, Bothas Hill KZN

An opportunity for those bearing the responsibility of "shepherding the flock" to recharge, through rest, times of worship & spiritual input - (Daily 9:00-16:30) This is a Free course and will also be run at Vuleka in Botha’s Hill. Please contact the Ministry Office for an application

Image #65One Day Event

15 Sep

Getting to the Root of the Problem part 2

15 September 2018 (Sat) at Vuleka Trust, Bothas Hill KZN

Have you been prayed for repeatedly for the same issue? Do you feel that you seem to go round and round the same problem in your life? Then these understanding days could be for you!

Image #671Weekend Event

15 Sep

God's Covering & Sonship

15 - 16 September 2018 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

On this course we will investigate the reality of spiritual nakedness, the need for God's covering, how to become spiritually exposed the consequence of exposure, deception and damage of self covering and how to appropriate God's recovery.

Image #672One Day Event

22 Sep

Intimacy with Jesus

22 September 2018 (Sat) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

An unique opportunity to spend personal time waiting on God, learning to hear His voice and entering into His peace and rest.

Image #604Weekend Event

29 Sep

Knowing Me - Exploring the restoration of the Human Spirit

29 - 30 September 2018 (Sat - Sun) at Ellel Shere House (Pretoria)

This course takes a deeper look into the functions of the human spirit. Exploring the scriptures we will discover how the human spirit can be affected by the issues of our past, and affect our life today. We will also how to open ourselves up to the healing touch of Jesus - an essential element of God’s restorative plan for each of us.

Short Courses Calendar

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