Jezus ontving hen en vertelde hun over het Koninkrijk van God. En Hij genas de mensen die genezing nodig hadden. Lukas 9:11
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22 March 2019

When the Shepherd Comes

by Richard Griffiths

There’s a famous bit of the Song of Songs (2:8-17) where the shepherd comes one night to the Shulamite’s house and knocks on her door. She’s keeping warm and cosy indoors with her friends. He calls out to her to come and run with him over the mountains. It has been winter but now spring has come....

21 March 2019

Nothing is Lost. Nothing is Wasted

by Julie Smith

Pottering in the greenhouse last week, trying to create some space, I lifted a tray of eight quite big geraniums that had been overwintering under cover. I was really pleased to see that they are already sprouting new leaves and even flower buds. But I should have taken more care and lifted them one...

20 March 2019

Pour out Your Emotions

by Roger Pook

One of God`s greatest blessings to mankind is our ability to appreciate the wonder of his creation. It`s just so … well, beautiful! Probably most of us have experienced the amazing sensation of gazing into a starry night and just looking at the sky. It drives you to praise and worship quicker than...

19 March 2019

What is Your Motivation?

by Kate Davies

When it was on the TV, I very much enjoyed watching the programme ‘Child Genius’. I was interested not only in the incredible academic ability of all the children taking part, but also in what motivated them to enter and put in the hours of study needed to simply compete. It was the two finalists...

18 March 2019

Be Good, I Love You!

by Tanya Person

“Be good. I love you!” I don’t know how common these words are to you, but recently I realised that they’re words I’ve spoken to my children many times as they were growing up. When they were old enough to be left at home alone and I was going out for a time, these were the words I would leave...

17 March 2019

What a Conundrum! – Run to God

by Ruth Hawkey

At this time when Britain has to make momentous decisions regarding Brexit, it seems that the country and especially our members of Parliament face a great conundrum: ‘What and how should they vote!’ Last Sunday, I too faced a minor conundrum. Where should I go to worship? I had three options, and,...

16 March 2019

Rejoicing in the Work of our Hands

by Dean Gardner

My wife Gemma and I recently relocated to the east of England. Our new home was once rented out to tenants who each had their own bedroom, and each of the bedrooms had their own wash basin. When we moved in, each of those wash basins showed obvious evidence of not being cleaned for a long time. The sinks...

15 March 2019

Don’t Focus on the Fog!

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

I was driving to Pierrepont for an early morning prayer time recently. It was still dark and there was thick fog on the way, which made it difficult to see where I was going. I had to drive very slowly and concentrate hard on what I could see of the road ahead. However, as daylight dawned and the sun...

14 March 2019

I wanna be like you

by Lindsey Hanekom

Whilst watching the classic film The Jungle Book I was struck by the words of a famous song from the film. Many of us will know the song, ‘I wanna to be like you’ and, if we are really honest, would have probably sung along to it quite happily once or twice! Essentially the song is sung by an ape...

13 March 2019

Forgiveness or Offence?

by Margaret Silvester

In 2000 the World’s first secular forgiveness course took place at a leading British university. It was designed to help people forgive their enemies and let go of their grudges. Participants had one thing in common – they were bitter, angry, offended and wanted revenge. The heading for the conference...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Resultaten per pagina:

Weergeven 1 naar 10 van 3,843 resultaten