Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #1015Two Day Event

Breaking Ungodly Behaviour Patterns

[Dates to be confirmed]

Find freedom from the behaviours that you can’t seem to break free from by allowing God to challenge the wrong beliefs that are fuelling them.

Image #586Two Day Event

Connected: Exploring God's Design for Relationships

[Next scheduled 15 - 16 Sep 2023]

God made us to be relational human beings created to live in dynamic relationship with both Himself and others but sometimes this is not the case for everyone. Come and find out how to move forward in your relationships and receive healing for past wounding.

Image #997Two Day Event

Creative Expression and Healing

[Dates to be confirmed]

Using a variety of creative workshops, be free to express the depth of your heart to God and encounter His healing power in a fresh and powerful way.

Image #1001Two Day Event

Dealing with Difficult Emotions

[Dates to be confirmed]

A detailed look at emotions, particularly the difficult ones, and how God wants to help us process them effectively for His healing to flow.

Image #1008Two Day Event

Deeper Intimacy with God

[Dates to be confirmed]

A comprehensive look at the nature and character of God and how a distorted understanding of Him can negatively affect your relationship with Him.

Image #1030Two Day Event

Discernment - A Defence Against Deception

[Dates to be confirmed]

Explore how the world’s beliefs may have infiltrated your heart and find deep security in knowing His truth through discernment and the Word of God.

Image #989Long Weekend Event

Entrusted: Becoming a King

[Dates to be confirmed]

MEN’S EVENT. There is an ancient path that leads to wholeness and maturity and the masculine journey is for those who’ve chosen this road less travelled. Join us and connect with like-hearted brothers seeking the same.

Image #990Weekend Event

Entrusted: Fathered by God

[Dates to be confirmed]

MEN’S EVENT. We start out as men wanting to change the world. Then life comes barrelling in - how do we become ‘sons’ who stay on the narrow road that leads to life? What role does Father God play in our rescue?

Image #477Long Weekend Event

Exploring Ministry Practice

[Next scheduled 26 - 29 Oct 2023]

Practical (supervised) prayer ministry workshop for Explore students only.

Image #1022Two Day Event

Exposing the Snares of the Enemy (1)

[Dates to be confirmed]

Unlock the Biblical principles that expose the strongholds of the enemy and how Jesus’ victory on the cross can bring freedom to your life.

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