Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #989Long Weekend Event

Entrusted: Becoming a King

[Next scheduled 17 - 20 Oct 2024]

MEN’S EVENT. There is an ancient path that leads to wholeness and maturity and the masculine journey is for those who’ve chosen this road less travelled. Join us and connect with like-hearted brothers seeking the same.

Image #990Weekend Event

Entrusted: Fathered by God

[Next scheduled 28 - 29 Jun 2024]

MEN’S EVENT. We start out as men wanting to change the world. Then life comes barrelling in - how do we become ‘sons’ who stay on the narrow road that leads to life? What role does Father God play in our rescue?

Image #1020One Day Event

Free Taster

[Next scheduled 7 Dec 2024]

Introductory event with foundational and relevant teaching giving a 'taste' of Ellel Ministries.

Image #1021One Day Event

Overcoming Freemasonry

[Dates to be confirmed]

Oaths taken by Freemasons act like a curse, on themselves and on their families. Health problems, psychiatric issues and relationship breakdowns can result. Freedom is found in Jesus Christ.

Image #985Weekend Event

Redefined: Relationships

[Dates to be confirmed]

Come and hang out with other 18-30 year olds over three days for an opportunity to redefine the script of your relationships.

Image #995One Day Event

Understanding Stress, Anxiety and Depression

[Dates to be confirmed]

Stress and anxiety can be very draining on us physically, leading to exhaustion, overload and depression. This one day course is designed to examine both scripturally and practically how, in Christ, it is possible to walk an anxiety-free life and overcome the by-product of anxiety ... depression.

Full Directory of Short Courses

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