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What are the dates?

The dates for the EXPLORE A school to be held in 2020 at Ellel Sydney are:-

  • A1 The Big Picture: Exploring God's Foundations for Life (31 Jan-1 Feb 2020)
  • A2 Knowing God: Exploring the character and Nature of God (6-7 March 2020)
  • A3 God's Master Key: Exploring the Power of Forgiveness (3-4 April 2020)
  • A4 Lost and Found: Exploring the Remedy for Rejection (1-2 May 2020)
  • A5 God's Enemy Exposed: Exploring Healing through Deliverance (12-13 June 2020)
  • A6 Inside Out: Exploring Inner Damage and Healing (31 July-1 Aug 2020)
  • A7 Knowing Me: Exploring Restoration of the Human Spirit (11-12 September 2020)
  • A8 Connected: Exploring God's Design for Relationships (16-17 October 2020)
  • A9 Sheltered: Exploring the Antidote to Fear and Anxiety (13-14 November 2020)
  • A10 Exploring Ministry Practice (10-13 December 2020)

The dates for the EXPLORE B school to be held in 2020 at Ellel Sydney are:-

Please note that it is required that you complete EXPLORE A before taking part in EXPLORE B.

  • B1 The Family Business: Exploring What It Means to Live in the Kingdom of God (17-18 January 2020)
  • B2 Rewired: Exploring Beliefs and Behaviours (21-22 February 2020)
  • B3 Deliver Us From Evil: Exploring the Snares of the Enemy (13-14 March 2020)
  • B4 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Exploring How to Deal with Difficult Emotions (24-25 April 2020)
  • B5 Godly Sexuality: Exploring God's Design for Sexuality and Its Expression (15-16 May 2020)
  • B6 Unique: Exploring our God-Given Identity (26-27 June 2020)
  • B7 God's Plumbline: Exploring How to Recognise and Avoid Deception (24-25 July 2020)
  • B8 Picking Up the Pieces: Exploring Healing for Past Accidents and Traumas (21-22 August 2020)
  • B9 In His Image: Exploring Healing Through Creative Expression (25-26 September 2020)
  • B10 Healing Workshop: Exploring Ministry Practice (26-29 November 2020)

How much does it cost?

There is an upfront registration fee of $40 plus you will need to pay a $25 deposit for each of the 10 courses ($250)... so before you start it will cost $290. You then pay for each course as per below.

This initial payment will entitle you to a $20 discount per person off residential EXPLORE weekends, or $10 off for non residential. You also get the added bonus of receiving $20 discount off all residential non-EXPLORE courses (excluding guest speaker events) for the duration of the EXPLORE school, or $10 off for non-residential.  Not only that, but you also receive 10% off CDs and books for the duration of the school.

Discounts are not available in conjunction with Early Bird offers.

What type of accommodation do you offer?

We offer three types of accommodation. Please note we no longer offer married accommodation.

The prices stated are after deducting your $25 deposit and the EXPLORE discount.

Non-Residential (off-base) -$155 per person
Budget  (shared, external amenities) - $200 per person
Standard (shared with ensuite) - $245 per person

Please note that the final weekend of EXPLORE A & B (Exploring Ministry Practice) is a four day course and the price is different to the previous nine weekends:-

Non-Residential (off-base) -$215 per person
Budget  (shared, external amenities) - $255 per person
Standard (shared with ensuite) - $305 per person


How do I apply?

You can apply by ringing the office on (02) 4633 8102 or you can download a registration form for EXPLORE A or EXPLORE B by clicking the link below and emailing it to

Explore a 2020 Registration Form

Explore B 2020 Registration Form