Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Speciality Events

Speciality Events

These events are held in the UK and you can find out more information and dates here

Some of these special events are designed to give you that extra time to really get to the roots of the issues you are struggling with and to receive God’s freedom and healing. Others are wonderful opportunities for rest, recreation and refreshment. Browse below to find out more.

  • Restoration Weeks

    Special ministry week at Ellel Glyndley Manor

    Restoration weeks are an opportunity to receive personal healing. We may live in a throw-away society but God never gives up on anyone. He is the God who gently restores and brings all He has made back to full beauty and into real fruitfulness.

    There are a number of different Restoration Weeks for you to choose from, but they all have a similar format. The first three days major on teaching so we understand the relevant issues, as well as creativity workshops, where we can experiment with new ideas, and times of fellowship. After a free day on Sunday for rest and assimilation of the teaching, the second half of the week is made up of shorter teaching sessions with time to receive personal ministry after each session.

  • Moving on with God

    Two teaching courses with a Healing Retreat at Ellel Grange

    The Moving on with God packages offer a special opportunity to attend two weekend courses with a Healing Retreat during the week in between.  Each 10-11 day package provides relevant teaching into specific areas as well as an opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry on the Healing Retreat.  They are for everyone who has not already had a Healing Retreat and are especially valuable for people who have to travel long distances to an Ellel centre.

  • Bridge from the Head to the Heart

    A gentle week including space for creativity and deeper ministry at Ellel Scotland

    Do you know in your head that you are loved by God, yet struggle to let that truth sink deep into your heart? This special week mixes inspirational teaching with creativity workshops to bring healing to those of us who long for that gap to be bridged between the head and the heart.

  • Breaking Through to Freedom

    Moving on from damage and sorrow to freedom and peace at Ellel Scotland

    This week has brought real breakthrough to many people. As well as teaching and ministry, you receive personal mentoring and real-life discipleship plus quality time for creativity and time for God to meet with you personally.

    This course is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty with any of the following: Receiving love, relationships, intimacy, identity, security, mistrust & betrayal, abandonment & isolation, victim & orphan issues, co-dependency and independence issues, addictions, compulsive behaviour, guilt/shame.

  • MicroNETS

    9 days of life-transforming Christian training at Ellel Pierrepont

    Take some time out to spend with God and allow His truth to transform, equip and envision you for breakthrough in your Christian life.

    Each day starts with a time of worship and a Bible study, then teaching, discussion groups and ministry during the day. Evenings begin with another opportunity for worship, followed by teaching or demonstration ministry or a social event. You will learn the keys to significant breakthrough in your Christian life as you get a taste of the year-long NETS programme.

    Relaxation time is included too, to give you a chance to visit the surrounding countryside or just take time out to sit and watch the river go by!

  • Creative Inspirational Weeks

    Enjoyment for the human heart - holiday week at Ellel Scotland

    These weeks of creative enjoyment have been designed to restore and refresh your spirit. They give you time to enjoy life and the gifts that God has given you, and to enjoy them with Him.

    Blairmore House provides a comfortable and truly beautiful setting for discovering your talents. Will you choose a week of watercolour painting, music making, exploring textiles or maybe exploring the beautiful countryside? What better place than the Highlands of Scotland to receive the Creator’s inspiration! In addition to the creative sessions, there are short morning and evening devotional prayer and fellowship times. These enjoyable events are led in a gentle way by experienced and qualified tutors. They provide excellent opportunity to mix rich Christian fellowship with learning or improving your creative skills in various disciplines.

    Why not treat yourself to some creative enjoyment for the human heart and enjoy rich holiday fellowship with others and above all, with God.

  • Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

    Avoid burnout through spending time with Jesus meditating on the Bible at Ellel Scotland

    Go much deeper in your relationship with God as you learn how to sit at the feet of Jesus and enjoy hearing His voice. A glorious opportunity to feed your spirit.

  • Still Waters Retreat

    Time to rest and be with God at Ellel Scotland

    Still Waters Retreats are the perfect antidote to life’s constant demands. There is no programme of events or heavy teaching schedule, only a gentle devotional time each morning and a fellowship time each evening. The rest of the day is free for you to focus on God, to listen to His voice and to enjoy some time to yourself. Enjoy beautiful Blairmore House and its restful surroundings at your leisure. It is possible to stay for any length of time between the available dates given.

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