Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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22 January 2021


by Tanya Person

I remember, when I was growing up, we were warned against eavesdropping, because we would hear things that we didn’t want to hear. One quote I found says, “Nothing good was ever learned from eavesdropping.” But our scripture for today caught my attention, because when God told him to eavesdrop,...

21 January 2021

At Full Throttle

by Julie Smith

I was recently reading the story of the time when God used a very damaged, old car to call Peter Horrobin into the healing ministry. Peter’s words, ‘When I first saw the sad remains (of the car), it felt as though it would have been more appropriate to call an undertaker and give the old girl a decent...

20 January 2021

A New Life

by Malcolm Wood

When I was a boy, I used to try and guess what people must have received for Christmas. Perhaps I would see a boy riding a new bike, a girl proudly holding a new doll, an elderly man wearing a new hat, or a lady with a new pair of gloves. Usually, it was obvious, because people like receiving and using...

19 January 2021

We Can’t Win A War Without Fighting A Battle

by Ron Scurfield

Are we finding life a bit difficult just now, with all its anxieties, loneliness and uncertainties? Are we struggling to stay on top, in touch with God, during this difficult time? The Bible tells us ‘my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus’ (Philippians...

18 January 2021

Facing Our Fears

by Gemma Gardner

From time to time, at different stages in our lives, we all have to face fears. Some are small and some are bigger and can take some time to overcome. Even if we are Christians, there can still be times when different fears can trouble us, but the difference between us and others who do not trust in...

16 January 2021


by Peter Horrobin

We were on a family holiday at the seaside. I was a venturesome toddler. My father was playing near some rockpools with my older brother, some of which were quite deep. Suddenly a cry went up, “Where’s Peter?” I was nowhere to be seen. It was one of those “Oh, God help!” moments as my parents...

17 January 2021

The Presence of God

by Judith Whitehead

I came downstairs in the night once, at 1am, to take some painkillers. I made myself a cup of tea and went to sit in the lounge to enjoy my hot drink. I prayed a short prayer for the pain to go and then I was suddenly overwhelmed by an awesome sense of the presence of God. It was truly tangible and remained...

15 January 2021

The Wedding Day of the Warrior Prince

by Sue Griffiths

This psalm is A Wedding Song. A warrior Prince preparing for his wedding day. What a hero Prince he is, noble, just, fighting for truth and right – and doing it all with grace and humility! He has elaborately prepared for this day, ‘All your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia; from...

14 January 2021

The First Day

by Tracy Bankuti

I have decided to begin my Bible reading at the beginning this year, for no other reason than I couldn’t settle on where to start. What an opening! God is working with a dark, blank canvas, about to design and form everything that we see as life on planet earth and beyond. Artists, engineers and inventors...

13 January 2021

Get Up!

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

I have been reading Mark’s Gospel recently and have been struck by the number of occasions on which Jesus tells people to “Get up”, or “Stand up”. I sensed that this might be a word from the Lord for many of us in this new year, in these difficult times. In today’s verse we see Jesus going...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 4,515 results