Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #580One Day Event

26 Jun

Understanding Emotions

26 June 2021 (Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

Emotions are an integral part of our God-given personhood because God has emotions and we are made in His image.

Image #571Two Day Event

9 Jul

Inside Out: Exploring Inner Damage and Healing

9 - 10 July 2021 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

In this course we will investigate how God made each person and how the various parts of our being work together to develop the whole personhood. Together we will explore how the inner being is adversely affected by past experiences and consider some of the possible outworking of inner damage and the associated pain.

Image #681Two Day Event

16 Jul


16 - 17 July 2021 (Fri - Sat) at St Mark's Church, Dromana Victoria

In wanting to 'fit' into a world that demands us to conform, we often hide or lose something of ourselves, which leaves us feeling lost, confused and unacceptable. This course seeks to help us find a renewed confidence in the uniqueness of who God made us to be.

Image #80One Day Event

24 Jul

Free Taster

24 July 2021 (Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

Introductory event with foundational and relevant teaching giving a 'taste' of Ellel Ministries.

Image #585Two Day Event

6 Aug

Knowing Me: Exploring Restoration of the Human Spirit

6 - 7 August 2021 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

This course takes a deeper look into the functions of the human spirit. Exploring the scriptures we will discover how the human spirit can be affected by the issues of our past, and affect our life today. We will also how to open ourselves up to the healing touch of Jesus - an essential element of God’s restorative plan for each of us.

Image #61Weekend Event

20 Aug

Steps to Freedom from Addiction

20 - 21 August 2021 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

Are you in control of your life or is something in control of you? Do you feel like a chained prisoner unable to get free from smoking, abuse of alcohol, drugs, pornography, over-eating etc? Jesus offers you lasting freedom.

Image #686Two Day Event

20 Aug

God's Plumbline

20 - 21 August 2021 (Fri - Sat) at St Mark's Church, Dromana Victoria

We live in times of turmoil and confusion. This course will help you build your life on God's Word, grow in discernment and avoid and be set free from deception.

Image #586Two Day Event

3 Sep

Connected: Exploring God's Design for Relationships

3 - 4 September 2021 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

God made us to be relational human beings created to live in dynamic relationship with both Himself and others but sometimes this is not the case for everyone. Come and find out how to move forward in your relationships and receive healing for past wounding.

Image #706One Day Event

18 Sep

In His Image

18 September 2021 (Sat) at St Mark's Church, Dromana Victoria

Many of us have lost ourselves in the busyness of life. Come and experience God's healing heart through a variety of creative workshops as he helps you rediscover you. Enjoy great fellowship too as his family together.

Image #587Two Day Event

8 Oct

Sheltered: Exploring the Antidote to Fear and Anxiety

8 - 9 October 2021 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel Sydney, Gilbulla

For many of us fear and anxiety are companions along our life journey. This course will share how the Lord longs to show us the freedom that is in Him when we can learn how to fully trust Him and bring the worries of our heart to Him. There will be teaching on steps to finding freedom in Jesus' name and opportunity for prayer ministry.

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