Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
TESTIMONIESfor Operation Blairmore, Leaders Retreat
my identity has been that I was a church leader who was not apparently succeeding. How magnificently God restored me to my true identity as a son of God, and in that I could never fail. I feel loved and accepted by my Father and free from all the condemning thoughts.... Read More...
Special Retreats for Pastors & Leaders

Special Retreat for Pastors & Leaders - Operation Blairmore

Pastors and leaders are very welcome to attend any of our normal Healing Retreats, which are held at all our centres, and many have given testimony to how much God has done in their life as a result. However, for many, an extended time away to both rest and receive confidential prayer ministry is needed. Operation Blairmore is designed for this very purpose.

Blairmore House, the home of Ellel Scotland, is a place of healing and restoration for pastors and leaders from around the world, especially those who are struggling in difficult personal situations, or those who have become exhausted in the battle and are desperately in need of rest and recuperation.


‘Operation Blairmore’ is a 10-12 day Retreat, which gives opportunity for complete rest, support, care and personal prayer ministry for those in key, full-time positions of leadership within a church, organisation or business.


These specially designed retreats are not intended merely as holiday breaks away from everyday life, but as time given to God for Him to work deeply in the lives of those who attend.


Set in the comfort and beauty of Blairmore House, Operation Blairmore retreats are not built around a structure of formal meetings. They are led by experienced Ellel leaders and simply offer space, time and care to facilitate God’s restoration for your whole being: body, soul and spirit.

Whether you are in need of personal restoration or are seeking the Lord for direction and renewed vision for your life and ministry, these specialised leaders’ retreats provide the necessary secure and loving environment.

This is such a place of tranquil safety. From the moment we were picked up, to the last minute of leaving Blairmore House I felt so blessed, loved, cared for - body soul and spirit. This was a time where God touched me deeply. I feel greatly encouraged for the next season of my life. I no longer feel apprehensive, nervous or fearful of my future.

The Benefits

To ensure a peaceful environment and an optimum opportunity for quiet reflection, for plenty of rest and times of personal prayer ministry (if required), these intimate retreats are limited to around twelve guests on each occasion.

We aim for excellence and we give the very best to you with a sincere desire to bless those who are serving the Lord and are in need of recuperation, so that they can be refreshed, restored and ready to return to their place in Kingdom service.

The True Value

The true value of these retreats far exceeds any financial outlay, as the many extraordinary testimonies show. In order to continue offering this precious resource to God’s people we ask for a subsidised contribution of £550 per person (£900 per couple), although the actual cost to the ministry is somewhat higher.

We anticipate that your sending church/fellowship/organisation or personal sponsors would meet this cost on your behalf, enabling you and them to benefit from this unique opportunity. However we would never want finance to become a restriction that might prevent someone attending an Operation Blairmore retreat, therefore a limited sponsorship fund is available. If needed, please request consideration for this at the time of your initial application.

Where and how is an application made?

All places on Operation Blairmore retreats are offered on a personal application basis and all applications are treated completely confidentially.

For further information or a preliminary application form, please contact Ellel Scotland:

Tel: +44 (0)1466 799102


Never more have the words of Psalm 23 been such a reality as these two weeks at Blairmore on Operation Blairmore.

Operation Blairmore is one of the most precious hidden gems in the Body of Christ!