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Seeds of the Kingdom

The Right Decision

by Ken Rowat

“Why should we wait here until we die?”
2 Kings 7:24, GNB

The story in 2 Kings, Chapter 7, tells us that a man who had a skin disease spoke to his companions as they sat outside the main city of Samaria. The King of Syria had besieged the city and caused a great famine to be in the city. The men were obviously hungry and had to make a decision; stay where they were and die or go to the camp of the Syrians for food. Maybe the Syrians would give them something to eat, or perhaps they would be killed by the soldiers.

For these men the situation called for a determined decision. As the story goes, the men went to the Syrian camp only to find that the Lord God had caused the Syrians to run away in panic, and leave everything they had behind, including an abundant supply of food. I want to look at the decision the men made, which, fortunately for them, was the right decision.

We make decisions every day. If you are anything like me, you will sometimes look back at decisions that have had a bad outcome, and others which have had a happy ending. Many times, we make decisions to try to change our circumstances for the best. Some of the decisions I have made have had far reaching consequences and have been the right ones because they changed the course of my life.

One of the decisions I made was to heed the call of my wife to reluctantly go to Church with her. It took almost twelve months of hearing Bible preaching to help me make a life-changing decision. Just like those men with the skin disease, I realised I needed a change for the better in my life.

Are you perhaps at a stage in your life where you are not getting answers to all the things in your life? Maybe the answer to your problem is spiritual. Perhaps you are hungry for truth in your life.

Jesus calls himself the ‘bread of life’ (John 6:35). The hungry men desperately needed bread. Maybe you now have an opportunity to taste this bread of life, and not be spiritually hungry again.

Prayer: Dear Lord God, I am in a place similar to those men I have just read about. Please answer the cry of my heart to receive guidance and strength from You. Help me to make the right decisions in my life from now on. I ask this in Jesus’ name Amen.

Ken Rowat Ken has been married to Joy for 46 years and they have 4 married children, 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. In 2010 they attended the NETS training at Pierrepont, then were at Ellel Shere House for further training. Ken and Joy were involved with the running of Telefriend, a Christian counselling ministry in Durban, South Africa for 19 years. They have both been Directors of Ellel KZN since 2013.


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