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Seeds of the Kingdom

Shake the Dust Off Your Feet

by Jan Hession

9 February 2017

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And if anyone will not receive you or listen to your words, shake the dust from your feet when you leave that house or town.
Matthew 10:14, NIV

I guess all of us have been in situations, in the past, which we would rather forget, but which seem to hang on to us (or we hang on to them). Jesus is so brilliant at giving us parables and pictures, to help us fix His teaching in our minds.

Jesus disciples are about to set out on their first missionary journey, to tell their own people about Him and the Kingdom of God. Yet He makes a somewhat surprising and succinct suggestion to them, which has echoed down history - “Shake the dust off your feet”. “If people don’t listen. Let it go and move on,” might be a modern paraphrase.

Often Jesus asks us to persevere, be patient or turn the other cheek. But on this occasion, it’s quite the opposite, He says “let it go”.

Early in this new year, are there things we’re hanging on to? They could be past situations, people, events, responsibilities or hurts, the things we pick up time and time again, in our minds, chew over and worry about, but, actually, can do nothing about. I find they can become so habitual we hardly notice they’re there, but if we’re honest with ourselves, maybe they drag us down, taking away our freedom and joy.

Is God saying to you, about anything “Just let it go. Shake the dust off your feet. You don’t have to carry it any longer. You’ve done all you can. Leave it with me”?

Tonight, before you go to bed, (or right now), how about standing up, literally shaking your feet and letting the ‘dust’ go. Enjoy the freedom, as He takes the burden which you were dragging around.

You now have more room, wholeheartedly, to do the things He’s asked you to do, with love and perseverance.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for coming to free us from our sin and sorrow, and to show us how to live in Your Kingdom. I shake off now the concerns You’re showing me that I carry unnecessarily. Thank You for giving me Your wisdom in knowing when to persevere, and when to let go. Amen.

Jan Hession (formerly Penistan) has loved being on the associate ministry and teaching teams at Glyndley Manor for 20 years. After being widowed in 2001 she has recently married Colin Hession and they are living in Winchester. Jan has a son and a daughter and 7 wonderful grandchildren .


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