Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Freedom from the Effects of Freemasonry

A drive through any city or suburb and even many small towns, will reveal how widespread Freemasonry is in our culture.

The negative effects of Freemasonry and its curses on the family line can be devastating. However the good news is that there is freedom available through the healing power of Christ.

Below are just some of the testimonies from people who have attended this course previously:

A friend of mine suffered from eye problems all her life. She had eye surgeries as a baby, and she’d been to many specialists. We prayed together, breaking curses from freemasonry as her grandfather was involved in the masons and now her eyes are completely healed. Not only that, but her faith in God, in his love for her and in his healing power has been restored and strengthened


I suffered with severe depression for 4 ½ years and needed tranquilisers, sleeping tablets and antidepressants in order to function with everyday life. I had seen numerous psychiatrists, a neurosurgeon, naturopaths and counsellors, none of which helped. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, although my symptoms were more likened to attacks of terror than anxiety / depression. Apart from the mental torment and deep depression, I struggled with numerous physical debilitating symptoms, including chest pressure and compression, severe intracranial pressure, polymyalgia and muscular tension, stuttering, dyspnoea, paresis of the legs, coarse tremor and suicidal thoughts. In 2003 I attended a Christian workshop aimed at freeing people from the curses of freemasonry. Within a fortnight I was able to stop taking tranquilisers and within 6 weeks ceased taking antidepressants and sleeping tablets. Now, years later, I am still free from the debilitating conditions that dominated my life

My husband's father was a freemason, as were both his grandfathers. When we married we had little if any idea as to the impact of freemasonry upon our family. Apart from the constant illness and health challenges the women faced, tension, divison, money issues, disability particularly autism were just some of the things we were up against. As Christians we were desperate for answers. Where was God in all this mess? When we both went on a healing retreat and it was suggested we go to a freemasonry workshop to deal with the effect of freemasonry in our lives, we were skeptical. However, five years later, as a result of ministry and the healing workshops we are free!

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