Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Proven - Men's Event

Because we live in essentially “fatherless”times ... there remains something unfinished in us as men, if we are honest. We’ve been abandoned, either literally by our dads, or they were just too busy for us as boys.  All men carry a father-wound because no one’s dad is perfect. Our shame, our anger, our passivity, our driven-ness and addictions are all testimony to our struggle to discover real manhood.

Most dads were never shown how to engage the hearts of their children, let alone deliberately affirm their children. That’s because our dads, and their dads before them, had no idea how to invest in their sons.

But there is a process by which we can still be “called out”as men of God by Abba Father. The truth is He has been trying to grow us for some time - through trials, tests, adventures, and life experiences. But we have not known how to interpret those experiences. Any struggling dad knows something is missing deep inside him everytime he fears confrontation with his wife, or gets angry with his children. Every single man knows something is missing when he feels he hasn’t got what it takes in the presence of a woman, or is passive around other men.

This 4 day course will help men of all ages identify what they missed in their own journey. It is designed to teach dads how to invest in their sons and call their daughters into true femininity. There is a masculine journey we are all meant to take as men. Most of us have never been shown what that journey looks like. “Proven” is designed to reset our compass towards that ancient path. (Jeremiah 6:16).

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