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Seeds of the Kingdom

That’s Easy

by Sharon Bixler

Come to me, all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest…For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.
Matthew 11:28 &30, NAS

On a recent trip to visit the grandkids in the USA, we came upon an advertising campaign for a large office supply chain called Staples. They had adopted the slogan of “That’s Easy” to sell their customer service. It had taken root very well in American society and they were even selling a buzzer type button that audibly spoke “That’s Easy” when depressed.

One of these buzzer buttons made its way into our son’s home one evening through the church home group that was having their weekly meeting there. Our 4-year old grandson, Jacob, was greatly taken with this button and the noise it produced when depressed. As bedtime came, he insisted on taking the button upstairs to his bed with him. As our son Brett, finally settled him into bed and came down to rejoin the home group, we were all in prayer for our needs. As the person praying finished, in perfect timing, came the response from above,”That’s Easy”. It brought a good laugh to us and a “thank You Jesus” for His quick reply. As the next ones prayed in succession we were amazed again and again that at the end of each prayer came the auditory response from above of “That’s Easy”. We all knew the real operator of the button was Jacob, but marveled at the truth that although our burdens seem heavy, as we transfer them to Jesus …well for Him, “That’s Easy” and we find our loads considerably lightened. It left the impression with me to go quickly with my burdens to Jesus, because at his desk, I will find the “That’s Easy” button. There I can find rest instead of anxiety and burden. God is waiting to receive your burdens and His response of “That’s Easy” is just a second away in reply.

Prayer: Jesus, I come to You today with my burden of ________. Forgive me for not coming sooner. Thank You that I can cast my cares on You for You care for me. Help me remember to come to You quickly in the future, for Your yoke is light. Amen.

Sharon Bixler and her husband Otto, originally from California, are the Regional Directors for Ellel Ministries Eastern Europe/Russia (Ellel East), a mission outreach arm of Ellel Ministries International. Since 1992, shortly after “the wall” came down, Otto and Sharon have traveled from their base near Budapest, Hungary across the former USSR/CIS and held schools for pastors and leaders to experience Isaiah 61:1-3 for themselves and then learn how to do these same things in prayer for others.


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