Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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23 November 2017

Doubt and Unbelief

by Margaret Davies

Doubt and unbelief, what powerful tools they are in the enemy’s hands! I may think that I don’t doubt and haven’t got unbelief, but then I realise that both of these are in operation in my life daily. If we really trusted, didn’t doubt, and carried no unbelief, then we’d be walking in the fullness...

22 November 2017

God of the Little Things

by John Berry

They say you should always read the manual. However, sometimes there isn’t one, and you have to rely on intuition, experience, and the advice from others. We had a light bulb that blew, or at least I thought it had. It was one of those fluorescent strip lights in our kitchen, and although there was...

21 November 2017

Warning Signs

by Tanya Person

Recently we were driving through Germany, following our GPS. The problem with the GPS is that you don’t know which cities you’re traveling through. We came to a place where we needed to turn, and there was a sign with the name of a town, but there was a red x through the name of the town. Since we...

20 November 2017


by Julie Smith

Although I enjoy gardening, I somehow didn’t manage to get to it for a few weeks as summer faded into autumn this year. By the time my husband and I set aside a day to tidy up, we found, underneath the crunchy blanket of autumn leaves, a soggy mess of rotting decay, where slugs and snails had made...

19 November 2017

Guardian of my Soul

by Pam Smith

Sheep are such stubborn and stupid animals and go off, following one another into all sorts of trouble. They get through fences, across roads, down cliffs and into fields full of crops. One of my favourite children’s programmes is ‘Shaun the Sheep’. The surprised look that comes on his face when...

18 November 2017

The Key

by Ron Scurfield

He was a wife beater and a drunkard who mocked the mercy of God. ‘He was the wildest, most daring and reckless of all men. On one occasion his blasphemy was so fearful that his comrades declared his oaths must come from hell, for they smelled of sulphur’. He was rowdy and animated with a wit that...

17 November 2017

Godly Passion

by Angela Weir

In Luke 7:47, Jesus is speaking of the woman who poured expensive oil all over His feet, much to the shock and disgust of the Pharisees with whom He was having dinner. We don’t know what her sins were, but everyone knew she was a sinner, and she expressed her great love for her Lord, who had completely...

16 November 2017

Detestable Praying!

by Peter Horrobin

There are some verses in the Bible that are challenging to the extreme. Our Scripture for today is one of them. Whoever would have thought that God would hate anyone’s prayers? But the psalmist had already written on this very topic when he said, “If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would...

15 November 2017

Digging Ditches

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

In 2 Kings 3, we read of three kings (Israel, Judah and Edom) setting off with their armies to fight against Moab. However, after marching round in circles in the desert for seven days, they had run out of water. Their mistake was that they had not asked the Lord for direction, and King Jehoshaphat of...

14 November 2017

Questions about Ourselves

by Malcolm Wood

I have often been struck by the significance of what Jesus was doing when he, as the Holy Son of God, knelt and washed the dusty feet of his disciples. This is a wonderful demonstration of his humility as referred to in John 13:1-5 and perhaps gives us an insight as to one of the reasons why his ministry...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3361