Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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20 September 2017

Letters from Christ

by Jilly Lyon Taylor

Handwritten letters are becoming rarer these days, as people increasingly use electronic means of communication such as emails, text messages, and WhatsApp. The possibility of instant communication can sometimes cause pressure, and seem overwhelming. However, as Christians, all these methods provide...

19 September 2017

Out of the Pit

by Dean Gardner

I love the way that the writers of the Bible, inspired by God through his Holy Spirit, paint such powerful pictures with their words, pictures that speak right into the circumstances of our lives. Our verses for today from Psalm 40 paint such a picture. They portray so clearly a person who had been trapped...

15 September 2017

Are You Not Worth Much More?

by Peter Horrobin

As I lay outside in the spring sun, I saw hundreds of little flies flying freely and enjoying the space and warmth. Spring brings everything to life; the birds, the butterflies, nicely trimmed grass, the flowers and trees, all of different colours and designs. As if in obedience to one voice, everything...

14 September 2017

The Lost Ring

by Lynda Scott

On January 24th this year, I lost my wedding ring. My fingers sometimes swell in the summer heat, so I take my ring off. But I always sit the ring in one of two places so I don’t ever lose it. But on the morning of the 25th of January, I went to look for my wedding ring in those two places, and it...

18 September 2017


by Christel Baxter

I read a daily devotional today, which both encouraged and challenged me, and caused me to come to a fresh understanding about the way I should process the trials of life. It started out by saying that ‘understanding will never bring you peace’. At first glance, I wanted to disagree with it, because...

12 September 2017

Time to Put It Down

by Philip Asselin

A professor once showed the students in his class a glass of water. He asked them to guess how much it weighed. Various suggestions were given. The professor said he hadn’t actually weighed it, but asked, “what would happen if I held it up like this for a few minutes?” “Nothing”, the students...

11 September 2017


by Emma Cottrell

I love this verse, but I find it so challenging at the same time. How easy is it to trust and lean on God with ALL our heart and in ALL our ways when we’re in times of uncertainty and challenge? Is it easier to look to worldly ‘things’ or others to make things better - our own fix-its, trying to...

21 September 2017

It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know

by Julie Smith

When someone testifies at the end of an Ellel course, “I really know God loves me”, it’s one of the most precious things they can say. They may not have received the specific healing they were seeking, it might be that in one sense nothing has changed for them, yet, when the awe and wonder expressed...

13 September 2017

The Half Has Never Been Told

by Malcolm Wood

We had read about it, heard about it, seen pictures of it, but nothing really captured the reality of being there ourselves and experiencing firsthand the sights and sounds of the vast country of Canada. Our recent, first time visit, made possible through the kindness of friends and family, enabled us...

10 September 2017

Like a Good Soldier of Christ Jesus

by Laszlo Varga

In my five years of living in the UK, I became really appreciative of English humour. People here banter, make puns, pull each other’s legs, and all sort of things. I became a huge fan of Monty Python, and, as time allows, I enjoy reading other comedy too. But the other day I was caught up by a short...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 3298