Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

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An unlikely love note

There have been many times, too many to cover here that Jeanette Holdsworth knew God was with her and she felt the prayers of all those faithfully intervening on her behalf following her car accident. Immediate provision came in the form of a doctor and nurse who quickly stopped to help. Her first memories were of feeling no pain and waiting about half an hour to be freed from her car. Accident reports present quite a different reality – one of severe pain and a time lapse of two hours from the accident to her arrival by helicopter at Liverpool Hospital. She had been lucid enough at the scene to give the nurse her phone number, thereby alerting her husband Glenn who in turn notified Gilbulla  - and all those on deck for a healing retreat immediately swung into prayer action. Seven hours of surgery followed involving the insertion of a plate and screws into her elbow, a rod from hip to knee and a stent in the kidney. An arduous month in hospital was to come and with both right arm and leg out of action, a wheelchair was the only option. She was released from hospital to further recover at home with help on June 8.

Fast forward to October 2014 and Jeanette achieved her goal of climbing Marion’s Lookout on Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. She and Glenn had booked the trip prior to the accident and she was very conscious of the ongoing prayer support she received during the intervening time which allowed her to achieve what must have seemed an impossible goal just a few short months before.

“I can write a book about how God looked after me” she says. The surgeons, doctors and physio have all expressed astonishment at her rate of recovery, free from infection and setbacks. She ensures they know that it is “God and all the prayers for me that has healed me”.

Jeanette has since had prayer ministry for the accident and trauma and can drive without fear, something tested many times since and especially on “the narrow and windy roads in Tasmania”.

Some time after the accident, Jeanette was made aware that the young man driving the other car had no wish to get back behind the wheel and was deeply remorseful for what had happened. Jeanette was able to send him a message to let him know she was well and did not hold anything against him. “I never had a problem with forgiving him”. 

A year on from her discharge from hospital, Jeanette’s recovery continues with the focus now moving from the physical challenges to the mental ones as she returns to work and other commitments and moves forward with her journey. There are still difficulties from time to time but she is well aware of her ever present God.