Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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I recently attended a weekend Healing Retreat where I experienced ministry and deliverance prayer over several areas of my life.

The first 'ministry' session covered three separate occasions beginning in childhood where youth or people several years my senior violated me through homosexual acts of various degrees of seriousness. The second session related firstly to physical relations I had before marriage, then considered spiritual issues resulting from my first marriage. The final session covered my experiences of depression at about ages 19 and 45, then mental health breakdowns at 53 and 61 as a result of major depression.

After the first two sessions, for the first time ever, I was able to forgive these people and myself before seeking the Lord's deliverance. There was then specific prayer to break any "soul ties" over my life from these experiences. At the end of the final session there was deliverance prayer to break "a spirit of death" over my life from depression.

Before the weekend I was completely unable to accept a part of the Lordship prayer where we acknowledge the Lord's control over "the manner and timing of my death". I needed or wanted an "out", to be able to control this for myself.

I now see that this is what, in my irrational state in 2004 then again in 2011, had caused me as a believer in Christ to be able to simply "close the door" on my Lord and twice on each occasion try to end my life.

During the deliverance prayer at the end of the first session and again twice after each of the two parts of session two, I experienced a most pungent stench in my nose. As an ex farmer I recall times when we had to burn sheep carcases and the sudden smell now in my nostrils was so very familiar, ie; of burning flesh . . . of death!

During prayer to deliver me from the "spirit of death", at the end of my last session, initially the same stench seemed to be wafting around. As the prayer continued, I twice took a deep breath upon realising the smell had completely gone from my nostrils!

In a final closing session with all participants, I now found no resistance at all to that part of the Lordship prayer relating to giving the Lord control over "the manner and timing of my death".

So, in the name of Jesus, I now claim His victory over "the spirit of death" which has been over my life!

My sincere thanks to Ellel and to everyone involved at Springhill, Northam WA. You have changed and quite probably saved my earthly life!