Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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I have received so much healing in the three courses that I have been to. Gilbula, just outside of Sydney, is such a special place where it's easy to feel like you have "come home" and the teaching, fellowship and the amazing meals recharge your spirit. I.... Read More...
Ellel Australia, Gilbulla
Ellel Australia, Gilbulla
710 Moreton Park Road, Menangle, NSW, 2568, Australia

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Image #53Weekend Event

3 Mar

Moving Under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

3 - 5 March 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Experience more of God's presence and power. This biblical teaching helps many people to enter into the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to find their spiritual gifts. You will also learn to discern the difference between true and false anointing.

Image #41Weekend Event

10 Mar

Anger - How do we handle it?

10 - 12 March 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences. Learn why we may have difficulties with anger, with practical teaching on the rightful expression of anger which shows how to bring this powerful emotion back under godly control.

Image #76Weekend Event

24 Mar

Alistair Petrie - Reclaiming the Ground

24 - 26 March 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

How to bring spiritual cleansing to land and buildings which have become defiled.

Image #536One Day Event

29 Mar

Alistair Petrie - Understanding the Fear of God

29 March 2017 (Wed) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

A one day Pastors and Leaders course with Alistair Petrie in which he will give clear definitions of the fear of God and the balance between love and fear.

Image #5Weekend Event

31 Mar

Acceptance and Belonging

31 March - 2 April 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Rejection is a very wounding experience because we all have a deep desire to belong and to feel accepted. God himself has given us this in-built desire to feel recognised, valued, and accepted for who we are. When this need has not been met, it can result in our rejecting ourselves, others or even God. God never rejects you and He longs to heal the wounds you carry because of past rejection.

Image #61Weekend Event

7 Apr

Steps to Freedom from Addiction

7 - 9 April 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Are you in control of your life or is something in control of you? Do you feel like a chained prisoner unable to get free from smoking, abuse of alcohol, drugs, pornography, over-eating etc? Jesus offers you lasting freedom.

Image #66One Day Event

29 Apr

Understanding Freemasonry

29 April 2017 (Sat) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Freemasonry is shrouded in darkness with secret oaths, pacts and ceremonies and many Christians are unaware of the negative impact it can have on their lives and families.

Image #23One Day Event

5 May

Inner Healing and Emotional Wholeness

5 - 7 May 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Many of us struggle with painful feelings. Sometimes we have over-the-top emotional reactions or we find our emotions do confusing things, like laughing when we should cry. What is going on? Can emotions be healed?

Image #436One Week Event

15 May

6 Day School

15 - 20 May 2017 (Mon - Sat) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Six days of teaching and prayer ministry workshops that will bring both a deeper understanding of God and a greater equipping to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus to preach the gospel, heal the sick and restore the wounded.

Image #8Weekend Event

26 May

Transformed by the Renewing of the Mind

26 - 28 May 2017 (Fri - Sun) at Ellel Australia, Gilbulla

Have you ever said, 'I feel so guilty about these thoughts', 'I wish I didn't react this way' or 'people think I'm all right but inside it's a different story'? Many of us struggle and live in anxiety, conflict and condemnation. Be released and healed to be the person God really created you to be.

Ellel Australia, Gilbulla Event Calendar

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