Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
Leave a Legacy

A WILL can make a way...

None of us can escape the truth that one day we will have to leave this present world, and that when we do so we will not be able to take anything with us. But it’s encouraging to know that even after our death we can still be a blessing to those we leave behind!

It’s certainly right and proper that we make provision in our will for our loved ones and it is also a wonderful opportunity to further the Lord’s work by leaving a gift for organisations, such as Ellel Ministries, that we would like to support.

It is the support of those who have been blessed through the ministry that has enabled the work to spread around the world. But even so, we have only been able to scratch the surface of the need – there is so much more that we are asked to do.

Leaving a gift in your will to support the work of Ellel Ministries is really simple and it will make such a difference. Writing a will is not complicated; in fact it’s relatively straightforward and you can have the joy of knowing that your gift will be used by God to extend the work, as He opens the doors, to bring healing and wholeness to many more of His children around the world.

May we ask you to pray about leaving a legacy for the work of Ellel Ministries?

By leaving a legacy to Ellel Ministries you will be:

  • Enabling us to press on with the work and continue to offer Healing Retreats and personal ministry to people in need.
  • Helping us respond to the many requests we receive to establish and support works in many countries.
  • Helping us play our part in fulfilling the Great Commission by training and equipping others to be effective disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you have not already made a will, the best way is to ask a solicitor to draw one up for you. Although we don’t like to think about such things as dying, if you have a will in place, it will be a blessing to those left behind and those who have to handle your affairs. It will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your assets will be distributed as you would like them to be.

When drawing up your will, your solicitor will be able to include Stichting Ellel Ministries Nederland as a beneficiary. Stichting Ellel Ministries Nederland is registered as ANBI Stichting.

If you would like to leave a legacy to Ellel Ministries in the Netherlands or worldwide please contact us for more information. Thank you for your support!

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