Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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24 June 2024



In the UK currently, we are in the middle of an Election campaign to vote for our next Government. Politicians are busily trying to persuade the population to vote for them and trying to undermine any possibility that we might consider voting for the other lot! TV and radio, friends, and communities...

23 June 2024

Truth or Lies

by Ron Scurfield

What is truth? Some say it’s the opposite of lies. Some say it’s what you believe. Some say there is no absolute truth, and some say it varies from person to person, and one person’s truth can be another person’s lies. So, what is the truth about ‘truth?’ Truth is ‘being true according...

22 June 2024

Great and Glorious

by Richard Griffiths

John records seven declarations by Jesus that start with the words, ‘I am’. You probably know them all: I am the bread of life (John 6:35), the light of the world (8:12), the gate (10:7), the good shepherd (10:11, 14), the resurrection and the life (11:25), the way and the truth and the life (14:6),...

21 June 2024

Sealed With a Kiss

by Tracy Bankuti

Imagine that you make the worst mistake of your life. You are charged, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison for the crime you committed, but after reading the guilty verdict, the judge removes his robe, steps down from his place of authority, and announces to the court, and you, that you are free...

20 June 2024

Lord, Don’t You Care?

by Christel Baxter

Have you ever encountered a situation in life where you felt overwhelmed or afraid and it seemed to you as if Jesus didn’t come through for you in the way you expected He should? Have you ever found yourself wondering if Jesus even cared? You are not alone. I recently discovered two situations in the...

19 June 2024

Asking for Anything

by Bernard Kariuki

I don’t know whether any of you reading this today have been fortunate enough to have ever received a blank cheque. But perhaps that only happens in movies. Some Christians might interpret our verse for today, John 15:7, to mean the Lord will gives us a blank cheque, forgetting that there are conditions...

18 June 2024

Moses Entering the Land of Promise


Moses was called by God to take the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt and lead them into Canaan, the land of promise. And he did an amazing job, leading people who were not too thankful for their freedom, but were often grumbling and rebellious. Again and again, Moses handled those situations...

17 June 2024

God’s Restoring Heart

by Dean Gardner

Jesus had been using Peter’s fishing boat as a pulpit, moored a little way from the shore of Lake Galilee so that he could teach the crowd that had gathered to hear him. After He’d finished speaking He instructed Peter to put out into deeper water and cast his nets. Despite having fished all night...

16 June 2024

More Fully ‘Me’

by Peter Brokaar

What do you think would happen if every Christian on earth were able to express the beauty of their unique, God-given personal identity? What if, we, as God’s people, became more fully alive, and if all of us were to start entering deeper into the ‘abundant life’ Jesus promised to give us? I think...

15 June 2024

Freedom to Live As a True Child of God

by Margaret Silvester

I recently asked a group of women on what subject they would next like teaching. When someone in the room mentioned “Freedom from anxiety” every hand was raised. Prolonged anxiety is possibly the thief which robs us of the freedom to live as true children of God. The freedom I’m talking about in...

Seeds of the Kingdom - Devotional Archive

Results per page:

Displaying 1 to 10 of 5,757 results