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Seeds of the Kingdom

The Importance of the Follow-Through!

by Peter Brokaar

29 December 2015

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Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song!
Psalm 95:1-2,NIV

A work well-begun is half done, so the saying goes. Quite true! However, in our walk with God (or even in our entire life) there’s one thing that’s yet more important than beginning well: finishing well!

A great analogy can be drawn from the world of sports. In any ball-sport, whether we throw, kick, roll or hit a ball, it’s important that we follow through after the point of contact with the ball. It’s the follow-through that ultimately determines the trajectory of the golf, basket, hockey, foot, snooker, or any other, ball. Usually beginners focus on the initial movement towards the ball, but fail to follow through correctly. More seasoned players can usually be easily distinguished by their commitment to the follow-through.

For us, as believers, I would say our real follow-through is coming back to God and thanking Him for what He’s done. We tend to be good at asking God for help in time of need. Sometimes we’re not so good at coming back to Him and thanking Him for answered prayer.

Excellent biblical examples abound. We probably all remember the one leper who returned to bring thanks to Jesus after His healing, as opposed to the other nine who didn’t. To the one who came back Jesus famously said ‘Your faith has made you whole’ (Luke 17:19).

And what about the heavily demonised man from ‘the country of the Gerasenes’? After he was so powerfully set free by the Lord he came back to Him and wanted to follow Jesus wherever he went (Luke 8:38). Finally, my personally favourite example is that of the ‘sinful woman’ in Luke 7, who came to Jesus because ‘she was forgiven much’ and poured that costly oil on Jesus’ feet, and whose tears were precious to our Lord. The Son of God powerfully commended her in front of everyone.

I encourage you to take time at the end of this year and reflect on all that God has done for you - all that He’s given you. Let’s bring Him our thanks and our praises. He’s good to us. Let’s bow before His feet and give Him the thank offering He deserves.

As we thank God and give Him due praises, we engage in a spiritual follow-through. This will set us up brilliantly for the next year of our lives. We’ll be ready to be on target again, as we aim to serve, love and honour God in the year ahead.

Prayer: Father in heaven, You’re so good to me. I want to thank You and bless You for all the great things You’ve done for me this year. Thank You so much. You’re a wonderful Father and an amazing God. Amen.

Peter Brokaar is Director of Ellel Ministries Scotland and has been there together with his wife Liz since 2005. They have 3 kids, all born in Scotland! In his free time he likes reading, cooking, running and surfing. Being at Ellel Scotland has given him the privilege of getting to know God deeper and sharing that joy with many others.


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