Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
The whole course is exceptional very relevant to me. I have gone away with a lot to think about. I have learnt that I don't have just to cope and be so independent. God is good & loves me, even me!.... Read More...

Seeds of the Kingdom


by Goran Andersson

Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again.
Luke 14:34, GNB

Maybe you once had a nice meal. The table was beautifully set, the flowers were pretty, the atmosphere was relaxed and the food looked delicious. Everything was excellent, except for one thing - there wasn’t enough salt in the steak. ‘I’ll soon put that right’, you thought, looking for the salt. But there wasn’t any salt on the table.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with the salt. But it wasn’t where it should have been, so it wasn’t any good to you. For what’s the use of having plenty of salt in the cupboard, but none in the food? Our aim is not to keep salt in our cupboard.

The characteristics of the Kingdom of God are wonderful: righteousness, peace and love. Everyone wants these things, but they must be where they’re needed. The reality of the Kingdom of God should be in the character of men and women. It should be the driving force and the highest aim of people in schools, factories and offices. It should be there in journalists and politicians, and it should permeate the atmosphere in homes and churches. If it doesn’t, what good is it? Who just wants to read books about righteousness, peace and love?

Does anyone see the salt in the food on the table? Does anyone read on the menu ‘Steak, fried potatoes, mixed vegetables, and salt?’ No, it’s just there, and it makes itself known by the taste of the food. It’s like the Kingdom of God in you. It doesn’t have to be announced or advertised. You don’t have to put on a show to prove that it’s there. Just let it make its presence known by the atmosphere it creates, the peace of mind it gives, the convincing power it gives to your words, or the perseverance in doing good.

The world doesn’t need teaching about all this. It’s crying out for the reality. The Kingdom of God can be a reality in your neighbourhood, when it’s there in you. Don’t for any reason demonstrate a watered down variety of the Kingdom. Just let the salt in you be there, and you’ll be surprised how appetizing the things of God are to hungry people, and how they sense that you’ve got what they’re missing! The salt in you is so good! It’s from God!

Goran Andersson , together with his wife Roswitha, worked as missionaries in Japan from 1967 – 1985. They then pastored a church before moving to Kåfalla Herrgård, Sweden where Goran became Director. They have worked with Ellel Ministries since 2004 and are now part of the team of Ellel Ministries in Sweden.


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