Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
The whole course is exceptional very relevant to me. I have gone away with a lot to think about. I have learnt that I don't have just to cope and be so independent. God is good & loves me, even me!.... Read More...

Seeds of the Kingdom


by Joan Rono

And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’
Matthew 25:6, NKJV

Recently at Blairmore house we had a power cut for a few hours. Everything was flowing as usual until the power suddenly, without warning, went off. Without electricity and light we had to do what we could to cope with the situation. Candles were lit, phone calls were made and prayers went up, as we had guests that evening.

I wondered how we were going to provide light and hot water for our guests. I wondered what could be done to prepare for such a situation in the future. And my mind kept rolling with these questions and figuring solutions.

But I realised that, if the power hadn’t gone off, everything would have gone on normally, and I wouldn’t have given any thought to this. So it had caused me to think about preparing myself for the future.

One thing that came to mind was the parable of the ten virgins. Five were wise and kept an oil supply ready, while the other five didn’t bother. They knew they were going to meet the bridegroom, but they didn’t prepare.

In the midnight hour the groom came without warning. Those virgins who were ready went with him, while those who weren’t prepared were out buying oil. Then finally the door was shut! When the other five came back, they couldn’t go in.

In verse 7 it says that all the virgins (both the wise and foolish ones) woke up and trimmed their lamps, the foolish ones knowing full well they had no oil. When a lamp is lit without any oil, the wick will burn and the light will go out! But if the lamp has oil, the oil will rise up into the wick and the light will keep burning! So Jesus was saying our lives should be like those wise virgins who had prepared by buying plenty of oil.

Jesus also spoke about our lives as trees and how God intended us to be fruit bearers. When we allow the Holy Spirit to take charge in our lives, we can bear fruit. But for a tree to bear fruit a lot has to go on inside the tree. Nutrients must be carried from the soil by the roots and sent up the trunk into the branches. Then other things from outside the tree, such as light, warmth and rain, help the tree to bear fruit.

Our works and deeds mean nothing, unless we’re right on the inside. Our roots should be healed and restored and filled with truth. Our trunks should be a bridge bringing that truth up from the roots into our daily walk with God. Our branches should be spreading out so we’re open to receive love, grace, joy and everything good thing from the Father. And our leaves should be open, not only to receiving light, but also to giving out. The leaves of a plant produce oxygen which is life giving. So should we!

Then when the ‘bridegroom’ comes, He’ll find his bride ready. And when the ‘land owner’ returns he’ll find fruit on the tree!

Prayer: Lord, help me to see the areas of my life that I haven’t surrendered to You, where I am striving and not bearing fruit. Please help me to allow your Holy Spirit to come and restore these places, so I can be ready, bearing fruit for You. Amen.

Joan Rono has been involved with Ellel ministries since 2008,working at Ellel grange for 5 years before moving to Ellel Blairmore in 2013 to work as hospitality coordinator. Having walked the Healing Journey, Joan has a passion to see others healed and transformed. She also has a passion to see young people walk in purity and holiness. She enjoys walking and reading in her spare time.


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