Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Without it we would not have been able to enter into our marriage and be able to make a success of our relationship. After 6 years of marriage, we are so very much in love and thank God for our reconciliation to Him and to each other and the restoration from our past sin to be who we were meant to be.... Read More...

Acceptance and Belonging

Rejection is a very wounding experience because we all have a deep desire to belong and to feel accepted. God himself has given us this in-built desire to feel recognised, valued, and accepted for who we are. When this need has not been met, we may reject ourselves, others or even God. God never rejects you and He longs to heal the wounds you carry because of past rejection.

As we learn to know God as he really is, we can learn to accept ourselves and others as unique and precious children of God. This wonderful course is for all who want to escape the treadmill of rejection and move into the joy of feeling accepted and knowing that you belong. The teaching will also be very helpful for anyone who feels called to minister God's love to hurting people. There will be opportunity to receive some personal prayer.

Teaching topics: The initial teaching looks at the character of God, the principle in His kingdom of unconditional acceptance and the consequences of man's rejection of God. Further teaching topics include:

The consequences of imperfect parenting

Illustrates how imperfect parenting can result in confusion and wrong beliefs about God and our own identity.

The Father heart of God

Understanding the true nature of God. The truth of His heart of unconditional love and acceptance is revealed through the life, teaching and ministry of Jesus.

Realities of living in a fallen world

Where do our feelings of insecurity and rejection come from? Deep wounding can be caused through circumstances of life such as betrayal, abuse, false accusation, failure to meet the wrongful expectations of others and many more. 

Preparing for change

How to start overcoming the pain of rejection. Short assignments will help you to relate the teaching to your personal situation and there will be an opportunity to receive prayer.

Opened my heart to a better understanding of my true self, released me from past hurts so I can move onto a better me and accept Jesus as my friend


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