"Jésus les accueillit, il leur parlait du royaume de Dieu et il guérissait ceux qui en avaient besoin." Luc 9:11



In September 2019 I attended a weekend retreat. My sister Kelly is in her third year of studies with Ellel Ministries USA. She had invited me to this retreat because its focus that weekend was healing from trauma and abuse. Four years previous to this healing weekend I had been in a auto accident in 2015 that changed my life completely. I lived with constant pain, anxiety, fear, PTSD, depression, my eyesight, constant headaches and anger. Due to this accident I also lost my job, livelihood and at one point I was financially broke and homeless. A year after the accident my husband suffered a major heart attack and was diagnosed with COPD and diabetes, leaving him also disabled and unable to work. With no income for us both and unable to work we lost our home and went to live with my daughter. Four months into living with my daughter and family, my husband and I received early social security. It had been a 4 year journey for me to get any help or assistance. We lived off our retirement and truly had nothing left when we were approved the social security.

Thank God, my sister Kelly saw a need in me for true healing. I agreed to attend the weekend retreat on Trauma, Shock and Abuse. I believe God spoke to her heart for me to be healed because I was searching for spiritual help and could not find it, until that weekend retreat, at Ellel Ministries. I agreed to go up front of everyone and receive healing and also share my story. I was scared to death, but God knew me better than I know myself because I heard him speak to my heart that day in September that this is my chance and I will be with you.

I received prayer and healing but also, I needed to forgive so many people that I was holding anger towards but most of all myself. I was blaming myself, for the accident and all the wrongs that I had done throughout my life. What I did not share that weekend was that I was sexually abused by an uncle at the age of 5. I was In need of forgiveness, so I could forgive myself. I had gone my whole life, blaming myself for all the bad things that happened to me, including the horrible accident.

That weekend, with a room full of strangers listening to me, I received God's grace and forgiveness. I still have pain and I still fight every day to get out of bed but it is not the same as the path I walked before. I now walk in God's Love, Grace and Hope, because I have experienced faith and healing from the Lord Jesus Christ, and from the wonderful folks Pastor Matt and many other healers at Ellel Ministries. I give Glory to God and my thankfulness to my sister Kelly for bringing me to Ellel Ministries USA. I am forever grateful for your healing. I now walk in God's Grace and happiness and Joy in my heart. Thank you.