Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
All the teaching was exactly what I I read and listened to Peter's teachings, the Holy Spirit released me from that oppression.. I have realized that prayer is the key..the results of answers to prayer began almost immediately .... Read More...
Ellel USA
Ellel USA
1708 English Acres Drive, Lithia, Florida, 33547, USA

Tel:+1 (813) 737 4848


Ellel Ministries USA was established in Lithia, Florida in 2005. The center in Lithia is Ellel’s primary base of operations for the USA with a vision to establish a residential training and ministry center on the land (find out more here). Although Ellel USA is in the pioneering stage and is limited with facilities, the Lord continues to use the teaching and ministry keys that He has invested into Ellel to touch the lives of many people.

"I have learned so much during this week and know it is only the beginning of the destruction of the wall I have built around my heart. He will start to shine through the cracks and eventually shine like the sun on a beautiful spring morning as I discover my true identity."

Ellel USA runs teaching and training events which are excellent tools for equipping those who want to understand more about the healing and deliverance ministry, and how to pray effectively for themselves and others.

If you were to visit Ellel USA you would find a small team with a huge passion for the Lord and for helping others walk in a deeper, freer relationship with the Lord. We don’t have a lot in terms of fancy aesthetics as the center here is very basic but the beauty and simplicity of the whole place provides a refreshing opportunity to simply be the person God made and loves so dearly, and to meet with Him without the confusion, distractions and noise of normal life.

We believe God has given Ellel Ministries a message of hope and healing for the hurting and burdened people of America. Our God is the same, yesterday and forever and His unchanging ability and heart to heal the brokenhearted and to restore the ancient ruins, remains the same.

We look forward to welcoming you at our center!