Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

In-Depth Training

Our longer training programmes are designed to suit you, whatever your availability, from a series of day courses on EXPLORE to residential training on Flagship or NETS.

Each one will give you a deeper understanding of biblical truth and teach you practical keys for healing and discipleship. Applying these truths and keys in your life will open the way for you to be released, by the work of the Holy Spirit, from those things which have previously held you back. As a result you will find you are able to live your Christian life in true freedom, through Jesus Christ.   

Ellel Belgium is offering the Explore course in english on a monthly basis in the Brussels area. There is also the possibility to follow Explore online in french. If you are interested please contact for more details. 



    EXPLORE is a brand new discipleship and healing programme developed by Ellel Ministries which is the new version of the Modular School. It is  designed to train and equip God’s people through a journey of transformation. Those who journey through EXPLORE will not only receive hope and help for the issues in their lives but will also be equipped with keys in healing and discipleship to help meet the needs of others.

  • The Flagship Programme (UK)

    The Flagship Programme is Ellel Ministries' premier training programme, which includes all of the core teaching of the ministry. It is a 9-week period of dynamic, interactive training, drawing on many years of ministry and teaching experience. It includes opportunity to receive personal prayer ministry as well as practical experience in ministering to others. 

  • The NETS Programme (UK)

    NETS is a comprehensive, residential programme run in four ten-week stages at Ellel Pierrepont. Stage 1 is equivalent to the teaching content of Modular A and B. Stages 2 to 4 build on Stage 1 and include more in-depth training, practical experience in ministering to those in need, missions opportunities and teacher training. NETS includes opportunity to receive some personal prayer ministry as you apply the teaching received. Completing all four stages will take one year.