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Latest News about the Ellel Center in the USA

July 11th, 2013
Dear Friends,
We are writing to let you know the latest situation regarding the work of Ellel Ministries in the USA. As many of you already know, the land from which we have been operating for the past eight years in Florida was purchased originally with the aid of a loan from an overseas supporter of the work. Three years ago the loan was secured against the land and the loan period was extended, so as to expire on June 1st 2013. During the whole of that time we have been praying and seeking God's provision for the work to be fully established here. We have seen the great need that exists within the Body of Christ in the USA and have held firmly to the vision to establish a residential training and ministry center on the land.
However, in spite of eight very blessed years of teaching and personal ministry, both here on the land and around the nation, the necessary funds have not come in to either repay the loan or build the center. And we learned last month that the man who loaned us the money will now be exercising his right, through the security he holds, to take possession of the land to protect his investment. While we are thankful to the Lord for his generosity and patience over these past 8 years, we do now as a result face a new season for the ministry. This does not mean that the whole work of Ellel Ministries in the USA will cease, but the Executive Leadership of Ellel Ministries International are in unity together that unless God leads differently, we will need to draw a line under the current expression of the work and look to Him for fresh direction for the future of the ministry in the USA.
We firmly believe that God led us to establish the work of Ellel in the USA and that not one moment will be wasted from a Kingdom point of view. We may only see and understand the full reasons behind all of this when we are in eternity with Him, but we are trusting Him now to be in control of the future of the ministry. The scriptural principle of a grain of wheat falling into the ground and dying, before it bears fruit, seems very relevant to the current situation and even now we are praying that the Lord will bless and water the seed and produce great fruit for His kingdom and a new way forward.
Next Steps
From a practical point of view this means that we will be closing the office at the end of July and will having to release most of our staff team. During the coming year we will be looking to the Lord for His direction for the future of the work and will continue to offer Church Visits and conferences around the nation as well as offering our Audio Modular School and products through our online bookshop. However, our on-site events such as courses, schools and ministry days will not be held any more.
If you are interested in hosting a church visit in the coming year please contact us as soon as you can so that we can arrange this.
We want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your prayers and support over the last 8 years. Words cannot express the joy we have experienced as we have seen God touch the lives of His children through this ministry. Please continue to pray with us as we seek God for the future of the work here. The following testimony, from someone who attended one of our events in May, expresses something of the need for ministries such as Ellel to be established here in the USA…
“Arriving at the Ellel USA campus in Lithia, Florida was like walking into the open arms of God, such welcome, such beauty, such peace! Oh, how we are praying for His provision for the ministry there! Oh, how I am praying for it! We need this ministry here in this country, my country. I have been in silent pain to the point of death since I was nineteen years old. I have had doctors, counselors and medicine and I had knocked on so many wrong doors, all to no avail. I spent the last twenty years of my life taking medicine that could do no more than deaden the pain and I know there are thousands and thousands out there just like me. I believe in our Heavenly Father’s desire to see His children healed and in this ministry’s ability to bring that healing. When I was in Florida I saw some of Ellel’s struggle to get a foothold in America. It is hard for me to imagine how long it will take to get these important teachings out to those who really need it, to those who are dying because they don’t have it.”
Thanks for taking the time to read through this letter. We will keep you up-to-date with developments with the work.
With love and blessings,
Andy & Cath Taylor
Directors of Ellel Ministries USA