Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11
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Image #646Weekend Event

17 Jul

Godly Sexuality - Online

17 - 18 July 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Online

This course will explore the biblical foundation for human sexuality as God intended it to be. It will look at the significance of the biblical covenant of marriage, how sexual expression outside of this is sinful and has consequences in our lives, how to find forgiveness and cleansing for sexual sin and how to learn how to walk in purity.

Image #585Weekend Event

7 Aug

Knowing Me: Exploring Restoration of the Human Spirit

7 - 8 August 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel USA

This course takes a deeper look into the functions of the human spirit. Exploring the scriptures we will discover how the human spirit can be affected by the issues of our past, and affect our life today. We will also learn how to open ourselves up to the healing touch of Jesus - an essential element of God's restorative plan for each of us.

Image #647Weekend Event

21 Aug

Picking up the Pieces

21 - 22 August 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel USA

Sudden accidents or traumas can lead to long-term consequences in our physical body and also in our inner being. This course will explore what it really means to be broken in soul and spirit by accidents and traumas, and how the promise of Jesus to 'bind up broken hearts' can bring wonderful restoration and healing to the whole of our being.

Image #586Weekend Event

11 Sep

Connected: Exploring God's Design for Relationship

11 - 12 September 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel USA

When God made us in His image, He made us relational human beings, created to live in dynamic relationship with both Himself as well as one another. This course will help you in finding God's way forward for your relationships and in receiving healing from wounds inflicted through relationships in the past that were not as God intended.

Image #677Two Day Event

25 Sep

In His Image

25 - 26 September 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel USA

Many of us today have lost ourselves in the busy-ness of life. Come and take this rare opportunity to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’, experiencing God’s healing heart through a variety of creative workshops as He helps you rediscover you! Enjoy great fellowship too as His family together, breaking down isolation, fears and loneliness.

Image #587Weekend Event

2 Oct

Sheltered: Exploring the Antidote to Fear and Anxiety

2 - 3 October 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel USA

For many of us fear and anxiety are regular companions along our life journey. This course will share how the Lord longs to show us the freedom that is in Him when we can learn to fully trust Him and bring the worries of our heart to Him. There will be teaching on steps to finding freedom in Jesus' name and opportunity for prayer ministry.

Image #615Evening Event

13 Oct

Healing Service

13 October 2020 (Tue) at Ellel USA

Our healing services are free and offer a time of worship, a brief time of teaching, and prayer for healing needs. This is a great way to learn more about Ellel or introduce others to the ministry.

Image #681Two Day Event

16 Oct


16 - 17 October 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Ellel USA

In wanting to ‘fit’ into a world that demands us to conform, we often find that we hide or lose something of our own unique personhood which leaves us feeling lost, confused and unacceptable. This course seeks to help us find a renewed confidence in the uniqueness of who God made us to be.

Image #613Two Day Event

25 Oct

Healing Prayer for Infants and Children

25 - 26 October 2020 (Sun - Mon) at Peoria, Illinois

Have you wondered how to pray in an effective way for healing of children you love? This course shares principles for praying for infants, children, adopted children and even children in the womb.

Image #679Two Day Event

30 Oct

Getting to the Root of the Problem

30 - 31 October 2020 (Fri - Sat) at Peoria, Illinois

Only when God goes to the root of the problem and brings healing will you truly be free from the fruits that plague your life, and on this course you will learn how to get to the bottom of life's issues.

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 12 results