Jesus welcomed the people, taught them about the Kingdom of God and healed those in need. Luke 9:11

Seeds of the Kingdom

Little Flock

by Cath Taylor

29 December 2009

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These things dominate the thoughts of most people, but your Father already knows your needs. He will give you all you need from day to day if you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern. So don't be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.
Luke 12:32, NLT

In our family we have lots of pet names for our children. "Sausage", "Chicken", "Sweetheart", "Poppit" are just some of the adopted names we use to refer to our children most days. Regardless of whether the kids think these names are sweet, cool, or (as my 11 year old would tell you) "embarrassing" - they all know without question they are terms of endearment and just a silly little expression of our love.

As I was reading the above verse in Luke 12:32 today, I was struck by the way Jesus went to the bother of referring to us as "little flock". It hit me with such tenderness that Jesus would add this little endearment into His sentence.

In Luke chapter 12, as Jesus talks about the worries we can face and struggle with in life, He's not condemning or criticising our tendency to worry and get stressed about what the future holds or how God will provide. He wasn't despising the weakness in our human desire for comfort and control. He wasn't just telling us "Stop worrying, trust God. Stop being weak and afraid". He was saying, with true tenderness, compassion, care and understanding "Don't be afraid, little flock".

Today, whatever niggles of worry, doubt or fear may lie in your heart I pray you will know His tender voice whispering this truth into your heart. No matter what uncertainty we face in the physical, what a security to know He has it all in hand and we are safe in His tender care.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me with such a tender Father heart. Please, Lord, will You teach me to trust You more - to lay down the worries and fears that can grip my heart - and to grow in my relationship and understanding of the depths of Your love. In Jesus’ name Amen.

Cath Taylor is the Assistant UK National Director. She joined the Ellel Grange team back in 1992 and has served with Ellel Ministries in Australia, the USA and the UK. Cath is married to Andy and they have three sons; Jake, Ben and Isaac.


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