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Seeds of the Kingdom

Cling on

by Peter Brokaar

But you shall cling to the LORD your God just as you have done to this day.
Joshua 23:8, NIV

Imagine a house full of Christians, divided up in three different rooms. Outside rages a mighty storm which rattles the roof and causes the building to shake on its foundations. In the first room there is a group of Christians who claim to trust God but they are actually in complete denial. They claim God loves them so much that He would never allow such a storm near them. They may even say it’s a sunny day outside!

Things are quite different in the second room. These Christians are well aware of the reality of what’s going on, but they are also full of fear. They are praying feverishly and are begging God to stop all that is going on. The only thing they focus on in their prayers is for the storm to stop. They might be in reality with regard to the storm, but they are also in fear. In the third room things are completely different again. These Christians are enjoying rich, deep fellowship. They pray and worship God, but there is also time for chatting, fun and even laughter! How did they come to be so relaxed? The answer lies in the fact that this group knows God’s presence in the midst of the storm.

God has promised us in His Word that, before Jesus returns, all things will be shaken. There are probably several reasons for Him to do so. But one thing is for sure, when everything that we normally rely on is being shaken, it gives everyone an opportunity to find their security in Him (Hebrews 12:25-29). Before the times of deep uncertainty people might have their entire lives wrapped up in financial security, in having a career, in having relationships, in sports, music or in the pursuit of pleasure. But when these things are being shaken, and uncertainty and fear takes hold of people, will they turn to God?

As Christians we have an incredible opportunity to shine the light of the Gospel of Jesus into a darkened world. I don’t believe for a moment that we won’t be affected by the storms which batter planet earth. I believe we will be right in the midst of them. But as we walk through increasingly challenging times we have the ability to cling to an unshakeable God, who holds us in His hands.

One biblical truth is that God never lets us go and that we cannot fall out of His hand. Another great truth is that we must do all we can to cling to Him in times of uncertainty. Going back to the little illustration we started with, I want to be like those Christians in the third room of the house. I want to live in reality, but not in fear. I believe this down-to-earth yet heavenly spirituality will draw many people to the light of the Gospel of Jesus in times to come. Let us pray that we may stand firm in the storms and, trusting with all of our hearts, cling to Him.

Prayer: Father in heaven, thank You that we can cling to You and that You and Your kingdom will never be shaken. Help me to have an increasingly deeper trust in You and may many unbelievers be drawn to You in these times of uncertainty. Amen.

Peter Brokaar is Director of Ellel Ministries Scotland and has been there together with his wife Liz since 2005. They have 3 kids, all born in Scotland! In his free time he likes reading, cooking, running and surfing. Being at Ellel Scotland has given him the privilege of getting to know God deeper and sharing that joy with many others.


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