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Seeds of the Kingdom

A Great Blessing

by Grace Bull

20 October 2020

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It is a great blessing when people are forgiven for the wrongs they have done, when their sins are erased (or covered over). It is a great blessing when the Lord says they are not guilty, when they don’t try to hide their sins.
Psalm 32:1-2, ERV

I think we all have times when we get a bit dry spiritually, and don’t feel like reading the Bible (it’s not just you!). Then we can get into a vicious cycle, where our spirits are dry, which makes us feel grumpy, and when we feel grumpy we don’t feel like reading the Bible, even though that would pour fresh water into our spirits.

One thing that helps me in such times is to look at a version which has simpler English. Somehow the freshness of the text can get through my barriers. Today’s verse comes from the ERV (Easy-to-read version). What a great name for a Bible! It is written by King David. I think it’s so good, I want to give you the whole Psalm. Is that all right?

‘It is a great blessing when people are forgiven for the wrongs they have done when their sins are erased (or covered over). It is a great blessing when the Lord says they are not guilty when they don’t try to hide their sins. Lord, I prayed to you again and again, but I did not talk about my sins. So I only became weaker and more miserable. Every day you made life harder for me. I became like a dry land in the hot summertime. But then I decided to confess my sins to the Lord. I stopped hiding my guilt and told you about my sins. And you forgave them all! That is why your loyal followers pray to you while there is still time. Then when trouble rises like a flood, it will not reach them. You are a hiding place for me. You protect me from my troubles. You surround me and protect me, so I sing about the way you saved me. The Lord says, “I will teach you and guide you in the way you should live. I will watch over you and be your guide. Don’t be like a stupid horse or mule that will not come to you unless you put a bit in its mouth and pull it with reins. Many pains will come to the wicked, but the Lord’s faithful love will surround those who trust in him. Good people, rejoice and be very happy in the Lord. All you who want to do right, rejoice!’

Isn’t that great! It is completely normal to want to cover and hide our mistakes. When you think about it, it is actually right to want our sin to be covered up. It’s just a question of who will do the job best, you or God?

When God covers it for you, it will never be seen again. He will do a far better covering up job than you or I will. We do a very poor job - it is completely visible to God. But God covers our errors in a permanent and irreversible way. You are right to want your sin to be covered. It is simply a question of who you will ask to do it.

Prayer: Lord, please show me how I have been trying to cover up my failures, mistakes and inadequacies. Where I have gone wrong, please would You forgive me and wipe them out? Thank You, Amen.

Grace Bull is a member of the Ellel Ministries team, working in course development and the support of Ellel centres worldwide, having previously been a full-time GP (family doctor) for 15 years. Her passion is relationship with God and doing anything that will help other people to find that close relationship too.


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