"Jésus les accueillit, il leur parlait du royaume de Dieu et il guérissait ceux qui en avaient besoin." Luc 9:11

Modular School

The School for Restoration, Healing and Discipelship

Replaced by EXPLORE A (September 2019) and EXPLORE B (September 2020)


The School for Restoration, Healing and Discipelship (former Modular School) is an in-depth training and ministry program which consists of two main parts - A and B - each containing 10 weekend events.  It is being replaced by the new EXPLORE programme.  The final A-School has already commenced.  The final B-School commences September 2019. They wil be replaced by EXPLORE.

The life-changing events will greatly encourage personal growth and healing in your own life while equipping you with prayer ministry skills to help others. The courses are progressive in content, providing important keys in healing and discipleship. There are many opportunities to receive prayer ministry for yourself and these courses will transform your ministry to others. The School for Restoration, Healing and Discipelship is a place of love and acceptance that facilitates a deeper personal relationship with Jesus. It's also a place where people often make deep and lasting friendships. 

The Ellel for Restoration, Healing and Discipelship has been the tool God has used to get me close to Him. My life has been transformed by the power, truth and the presence of God that is manifested in every class and ministry time of the School. I truly believe, these teachings were born from the very heart of God because they have drawn me back to His presence.

Is this School for me?

It is not just for those who feel called into the healing ministry - it is for anyone who is seeking personal healing and growth in their walk with the Lord. It would also be of great benefit to pastoral workers, counsellors and group leaders, as it is all about helping the Body of Christ understand the needs of the hurting and broken and helping them walk into deeper discipleship.

The courses provide teaching and understanding in manageable units, and will inspire and encourage your personal growth in Jesus as well as bringing healing and restoration. This is vital because you will be much more effective in your ministry to others when you minister out of real understanding and personal experience. Each part of the School for Restoration, Healing and Discipelship culminates in a Healing Workshop, giving you practical experience in the healing ministry alongside members of the Ellel prayer ministry team.

Students who complete the school say that their walk with the Lord has been enriched and their relationship with Jesus has deepened. Not only that, but many have found that their individual callings have been confirmed. We welcome you to join the Modular School at our centre in Baak or in one of the other Ellel centres where it is run.