"Jésus les accueillit, il leur parlait du royaume de Dieu et il guérissait ceux qui en avaient besoin." Luc 9:11

Peter Brokaar

co-Director Ellel Scotland

Peter Brokaar serves as co-Director of Blairmore House, Ellel Scotland. He lives there with his wife Liz and 3 beautiful Scottish-born children: Emma, Samuel and Benjamin.
Peter was born and raised in Holland. The desire to serve God in missions grew during a year of volunteering/evangelism in Amsterdam. Peter met Liz and together they sought the Lord for direction, as they wanted to be equipped for their calling. To this end they did NETS stages 1 and 2 in 2003/04. After getting married they re-settled in Holland for a year, after which they joined the team at Blairmore, where they have been since 2009.
Peter treasures the calling of the centre and his heart is to see God meet with His people in a real and tangible way. With a heart for discipleship and growth, he loves to encourage people to be engaged in a dynamic relationship with God. To see believers fully surrendering to Him and receiving His blessing is a rich reward! Having worked in most centre departments, Peter also desires to see the team grow and flourish as they serve the Lord at Blairmore.