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Seeds of the Kingdom

A Word In Edgeways

by Roger Pook

The LORD came and stood there, and called as he had before, “Samuel! Samuel!” Samuel answered, “Speak; your servant is listening”.
1 Samuel 3: 10, GNB

We all know those people who think that having a conversation means: ‘I talk, you listen’. In vain we wait for an opportunity to get a word in edgeways, as they go through every detail of their life, with much repetition. Time passes, we get weary, and our patience is strained…

But when we pray, are we guilty of this too? We are often tempted to think that the longer our prayers, the holier we are and the more likely we are to be heard. According to Jesus, this ‘vain repetition’ is a pagan practice: ‘When you pray, do not use a lot of meaningless words, as the pagans do, who think that their gods will hear them because their prayers are long’ (Matthew 6:7).

Prayer is amazing. It’s a conversation with the living God! So, here is a revolutionary thought for us to consider: In this conversation, what God wants to say to us is much more important than what we want to say to Him.

So maybe, like Samuel, we should spend more time listening.

Prayer: Dear Father, here I am.

Roger Pook joined the full-time staff of Ellel East in Hungary in January 1996 after a career in language teaching and financial services. He is Regional Director of Ellel for Central and Eastern Europe and together with his wife, Christine, teaches and ministers throughout the former communist world.


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